Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Little Christmas, It's a Wrap and A Designer to Know

Christmas Eve Eve, Now Forever Known as Little Christmas

OK, not in the truest sense of the 'religious' meaning, but in the meaning that has to do with the celebration we have with our friends the Harringtons (Thomas and Terese).  You see, we used to have our Christmas gift giving extravaganza on Christmas Eve Eve. Then a few years back, it just wasn't happening so we moved it to January.  Why stress ourselves out? Why not start a new tradition.  So, being the first weekend after the New Year now, our celebration fell right on Little Christmas this year. How perfect.

This year sister Di and brother in law Al swung by too. It's a pretty relaxed night that involves (well half the time anyways) wearing your pj's if you want and eating pizza. What girl doesn't love hosting a pizza night? Hello, Mama Lenas? Can I place an order to be delivered? Why yes you can, thank you very much.

I enjoyed a blueberry Cosmo (made with Stonewall Kitchen Blueberry cocktail syrup- yum).

I also enjoyed opening all my gifts. So did the Harringtons.

This hat was screaming Thomas when I found it. The Harringtons head to Jamaica in March and I know Thomas will be styling this baby and working it to the max.

We also gave him something for before he leaves.

Terese loved the color of her new planter. Gorgeous turquoise. Again, reminded me of their Jamaica trip.

In addition to enjoying the presents and the company, we all had a good laugh watching the 'Honey Badger Don't Care' video on YouTube.  Cracks me up, because honestly, it really does seem like 'the honey badger don't care.

We also enjoyed the pizza (shroom and onion, one of our regular orders).............

....and the salad that Di brought. (Yay Di, thanks for leaving the leftovers that I wrestled you into leaving. I needed a salad fix.)

Oh no, it's over so quickly. Friends saying goodbye and,......

.....apparently solving all the world's problems.

I think that's the end of the Christmas gift giving and receiving. OK, so we milked it out. Why the heck not?

If You Haven't Heard of Sania Pell, Let Me Introduce You

My blogging/etsy friend Cari-Jane from Hybrid Handmade introduced me to Sania Pell via Pinterest.  I am so happy she did. I've featured design by Sania on Mercantile Muse before and I probably will over and over again.  I love her  use of neutral color with pops of brightness, her mix of styles, her combination of old and new, her clean yet warm aesthetic.  I could go on.  Here's some pictures from her website, which you really should visit.

heart home magazine

heart home magazine

heart home magazine

Add to that her homey-craftiness, her flair for styling a photo, and I think she's downright brilliant.

Moonset Meadows

As I got up from my desk this morning to turn the tea kettle off, I spied this and grabbed my coat and camera. I wish I'd seen it sooner. It was so fleeting. The moon saying 'until we meet again'.

The people that travel our road to work and the kids on the school buses must think I'm a nut. I'm always out there, regardless of weather, in my pajamas taking pictures. That's what happens when you see something that pretty in the morning.

Have a Tuesday to remember. We are sure to as we're off to the Bruins game tonight. I do love my Bs. Fingers crossed for a win.

Ta ta for now,


  1. Totally Off Subject: 1.) Thank you for the banner compliment. I don't have a natural eye for web design so I'm really knocking around ideas that I pray come out right. I think I really like it too. 2.) You are SO FUNNY! I have sprouted a new tiny black hair on my chin every years since 25. I'm estimating that at this rate, I'll have a nice full goatee by 60.

    On Subject: I love the way you eat. You and I are food twins.

  2. LOL Court......a good pair of tweezers are a girl's best friend. :)

    And on the subject of food......we love pizza but the only time we have it is when the harrington's come over, unless I make my own. that way it remains something 'special' to look forward too. otherwise, we'd be ordering all the time, because what's not to love about pizza? Food twins, eh? If only I had your body.

  3. The pizza looks delish...it's one food I will never get tired of! Thanks for sharing about Sania Pell, I will definitely check her website out. The pictures are beautiful.
    Thanks for stopping over to my blog yesterday and entering in my January jewelry giveaway. Happy to have met you in blogland; loving your shop and blog. xo, Alicia

  4. Thank you so much for visiting my little corner of blogland and your sweet words. Yes, flats are my reality now! But I'm learning to get in to them.

    You have a wonderful blog! and what a fabulous time you and your friends shared. Ahh to be in Jamica during the cold months.

    Have a brilliant day! xo HHL

  5. Oh thanks for popping in HHL. Flats are OK, you just have to adjust ;) if you know what I mean.

    We did have a good time, and yes, Jamaica or any beautiful sandy beach would be just lovely. I guess we can keep dreaming!

  6. *sigh. dinner time. hungry and not done cooking dinner yet. pizza with shrooms and onions is calling me.

    Thinking Out Loud

  7. Sounds like a lot of fun! Have a delightful day, Kellie xx

    1. Wow, blogger finally added a reply option to specific comments! how exciting. I really appreciate you stopping by Kellie. Your shop is sweet and special. I blogged about ada & darcy today. all the best, Pam

  8. Lili, shrooms and onions is my favorite. i LOVE mushrooms!

    Kellie,thanks so much for stopping by. Hope all is well on the other side of the world. I love your shop!


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