Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Oh The Places You'll Go......

Beige Small Floral Plate

A Game In Beantown, A Walk In The Woods & Shopping in Sydney

Hi guys. We had a blast at the Bruins game last night. We walked down to our seats, took a look at how close we were to the ice and walked back up to check with the usher. Were we in the right place? Since these tickets where a gift from my sister and her family, we weren't sure. We were!!! Six rows back from the ice. Say hello to one happy girl. Nix that. Say hello to one happy girl and one happy guy. 

My boys were ready to go, but Winnipeg wasn't going to make it easy.  We regrouped and came out like rockets in the third and took care of business.

We regrouped and came out like rockets in the third and took care of business.
I love being at the Garden for a win. They put The Big Bruin bear mascot on the jumbotron and he does a victory dance. I love that bear. He kills me and he can come dance in our house anytime.

I'm suprised I have a voice today.  There was lots of screaming.

Gar and I sat next to a very nice couple who had brought their little boy. He wore a goalie mask most of the game. Way too cute. 

They were happy we won too.  They were also happy we were all sitting where we were sitting.  After each game they announce three players of the game and they skate back out and throw their stick over the glass to the fans. Guess who scored Dave Krejci's autographed stick?

That is one happy kid and one happy dad. Way to go guys!

Goodbye beantown....until next time.

Take A Quick Walk

Met two of my champagne ladies for a walk on the Phillips Exeter Academy trails today.  They brought their hounds but I left mine snoring on the couch. We'll hit the field a little later.

It's a pretty darn nice winter day and still no snow on the ground, which makes it hard to snow shoe. However, it makes it easy to walk.

I hadn't been on the trails in a while. There is not reason. It's only 5 mintues from the house and a really lovely path through the woods and along the river.

Luckily, we're shooting for another Wednesday walk next week. Here's hoping our final champagne lady can make it...right Pearl?

There's nothing like a little off road walk- breathing fresh air, feeling the uneven earth under your feet, enjoying the sights and sounds.

Sure is a nice way to destress.

Ada & Darcy

Somehow along the way, in this wonderful blogland of the world wide web, I came across the blog of Ada & Darcy a lovely boutique in Sydney that I think you'll love.

Kellie, the owner, was nice enough to stop by the Muse yesterday to say hi. I thought it would be nice if I said hi back with a shoutout all the way to Sydney.

There are so many colorful, pretty things that I'm putting on my wish list.

Let's start with this sweet plate.  I think it's a steal at $11!

Next up, this pretty little bowl. LOVE these colors.

This total groovalicious rug.

Oh! This very romantic rosette quilt.

So, my list could go on, but I'll end it here. If you'd like to see more, be sure to visit Kellie's shop, Ada & Darcy.  Let me know what you find for you wish list at Ada & Darcy!

Wow, middle of the week already. Can you believe it?  Make it magnificent.


  1. soudns like you had a wonderful time at the game and on your walk, and such beautiful things at Ada & Darcy.
    Wishing you a beautiful day! xoxo, B

    1. Brenda, thanks so much for stopping by. I'm so excited blogger finally introduced a way to reply to a specific comment! so #1 the game was a ton of fun, #2 the walk was so needed and perfect, and #3 ada & darcy is just lovely, isn't it?

      Have a good one and have some champagne for me! You're a girl after my own heart.

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