Thursday, August 25, 2011

Celebration a chick, there a chick, everywhere a chick chick

That's the chicken salad I made for my evening with the Bookclub/Champagne Ladies yesterday. We figured it was still Pearl's birthday week and Martha (really Carey) wasn't able to make the party because she was away, so let's celebrate again. Unfortunately, Soy Goddess (aka Kath) wasn't able to make it this time.......ah the hectic life of a restaurant owner.  But the show must go on.

It's was Martha's birthday too this week. Here's Pearl and Martha ready to 'blow out the proverbial candles'. Yes, they're citronella candles. Got a problem with that?

As usual, we enjoyed the evening immensely, but that's a given when we're together.

I'll state it right here. Although we started as a bookclub, we haven't read a damn book for 'bookclub' for years. Hence the second part of the club name now.  It really should be Good Food & Champagne Club.  All four of us are great cooks (please note, I do not say I'm 'great' at anything too often, but I can cook. Bake? ehhhh, sometimes. Cook? hell yes.).

Our menu consisted of:

goat cheese stuffed fresh figs wrapped in prosciutto
by Martha

take fig, cut in half, smear goat cheese on top, wrap with prosciutto

cornbread and bacon stuffed baked garden tomatoes
by Pearl
Not that everything else wasn't yummy, these were the hit of the night.  I'll post recipe when I get it.

mediterranean summer chicken salad w/ greens and croissant
by Me
(aka Marge. It has nothing to do with my mother being Marge, though it's kind of weird to be called your Mom's name, but I'm used to it now. When we all first met, I reminded Pearl of an old friend Marge and the name has stuck. Yup. We've all got bookclub champagne ladies nicknames.)

I've done this chicken salad twice now in the last week and it's delicious.  And both times I took the easy way out..........rotisserie chicken (which is not in picture because there isn't any left after making the salad last night and I just took these pics today.)

Chop up breast and thigh meat from rotisserie chicken, no skin
Dice a 3/4 of medium cucumber
Dice half of a red onion
Chop handful of walnuts
Chop herbs (Whatever herbs you'd like, this time I used chive and lemon balm, which I am especially loving in chicken salad.)

In bowl, mix above ingredients with:

Hellman's mayonnaise
palm full of crumbled feta cheese
2 tbs of apple cider vinegar
couple of dashes of old bay seasoning

Chill and serve on bed of greens or a croissant, with some greens, and enjoy. Go ahead, try it.

The Roma's Are Ripe!

This makes me a happy girl.

Purty, ain't they?

This means it will soon be roma roasting time. Ah, filling the freezer with garden tomatoes to enjoy all winter. Did I just winter? Sorry.

I'll share that process when I get there, but right now, they're just ripening becuase we were late planting this year.

Wet Laundry

Skies looked threatening most of the day but it hadn't done anything. Nothing. Nada.

I knew, if I put a laundry out on the line, as soon as I did it would:

I was right. It's lashing out. So my laundry is now getting a second rinse cycle.

Enjoy the rest of Thursday in your corner of the world. Have I said thanks for being here? Thanks for being here.



  1. Sorry about that Mitch! Maybe I should do food/recipe posts with a warning: Do Not Read This On Empty Stomach.

    Did you get that crazy rain in Springvale? And who knows what's coming on Sunday with Hurricane Irene. Will batten down the hatches on Saturday.

  2. Hi Kristal......welcome to the muse! It's pretty darn tasty. I left some for Gar to have that night for supper and yesterday morning he said, that chicken salad was GOOD!

    Love your haggling tips on your blog- great stuff. Look foward to getting to know you.


  3. looks yummy. following from etsy blog team.


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