Sunday, August 21, 2011

You're HOW old?

That's Laurel.  I call her Pearl. She's one of my bookclub/champagne ladies. Love her. She threw herself a 50th birthday party. LOVE her.

She asked everyone to dress in something from the 60s,70s, or 80s.

Pearl was dressed as Audrey Hepburn and Bill, her other half, did his best George Pappard.

Pearl gave up her classic Audrey hat for a crown.

The dancefloor was hopping all night.

How about a little electric slide? There's my other bookclub/champagne lady kath in the back.  If she had blonde hair she would have been Goldie Hawn in Laugh In with that dress.

Everyone danced.

And danced.

I really loved Andrea's........I'm sorry, I mean Madonna's bracelets.

Here's my new best friend Michelle, re-enacting how she tried to light the battery operated candle for 10 minutes (at the beginning of the night, no less).

Here's Pearl and The Italians. Judith doesn't normally have flowers growing out of her nose.

Best buds. Mark and George Pappard.

Some of the get ups were priceless.

I love this shot of Captain America in his parachute pants and Jane Fonda Leotard girl.  Kim's gold lame dress rocked it too.

Me and my gals. I was doing the 80s punk thing. You can't see it but I had all of my 80s buttons on. Unfortunately, I couldn't style my hair like I used to because I didn't have any hair spray. Bummer. I'm looking a little worse for wear at this point because of the aforementioned dancing.

Pearl went up into the DJ booth and sang Happy Birthday to herself. Did I say I love her?

Michelle and Mark. Good shot.

Michelle, wearing Audrey's hat, feeding Gar a shrimp skewer after previously eating all of his.

We did a lot of laughing.

I told Mark, Gar and Jim that they looked like a line up. Well, Jim looks a little too happy to be in a line up. But still.

And we danced.

So much so, that Pearl took off those heels.

She smartly brought a pair of ballet slippers for her tootsies.

The end. Almost.

Happy birthday Pearl. Love ya.


  1. Very nice person :-)

    by the way... I have still 25 ;-)) Year by year ;-))

  2. ah jana, 25. it was a very good year........LOL. i always say, we all age at the same year at a time!

  3. Awww! It seems like it was a brilliant night :) (And gosh, how fabulous is Pearl?! I don't even know her and I think I'm in love with her!)

  4. Oh yes girls, it was SO much fun. And brilliant to boot! just got off the phone with pearl and laughed all over again recapping all the shenanigans of the evening. gotta live large!!


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