Saturday, August 20, 2011

Can we dish?

Plate Love

I've got plates on my mind this week, because I was taking photos of the newest item in our shop. I'm tempted to keep them.

Vintage Ironstone Small Plates Dishes, Set of 5, for Desserts or Sandwiches with Blue and White Farming Pattern

Vintage Ironstone Small Plates Dishes, Set of 5, for Desserts or Sandwiches with Blue and White Farming Pattern

Ironstone sandwich plates with the most wonderful depiction of workers haying a field. I just love 'em.

How about this one......isn't this pattern great?

bremer collection. vintage modern plate
Copyright Cottagefarm, 2011

 Retro yet modern.

Lookie here at this little rustic gem.

small rustic handformed plate
Copyright Tierrasky, 2011

I've featured some of potter Ericka O'Rourke's handi-work before. It's all earthy and lovely.

MarciG's flower bowls are awesome too. This white poppy bowl is almost too pretty to use for dipping sauce.

White Poppy sushi  bowl dipping sauce bowl stoneware pottery Peace Poppy
Copyright MarciG, 2011

 Pretty, pretty.

An apple a day..................

Copyright 5gardenias, 2011

............sure is sweet.

Wow. Talk about color. Just reading the description on this piece and the process used to produce this plate, makes me want it.

Decorative Handmade plate to hang in Wall - Medium
Copyright SouvenirsofSpain, 2011

  It's one glorious plate.
So is the day. I'm heading out to the pool shortly to enjoy the beautiful sunshine.

Before I go.............

Sunset Meadows

Forgot to post these yesterday. Thursday's sunset. I took the first two. G-man took the rest.

Now I've got Elton John rolling around my head................

Don't let the sun go down on me
Although I search myself, it's always someone else I see
I'd just allow a fragment of your life to wander free
But losing everything is like the sun going down on me

Have a great Saturday in your little corner of the world. I plan on doing the same.


  1. Hello, His blog is really fantastic and one emphasizes pieces that are a few real jewels. In addition I am grateful that my Plate is included inside this select selection of Precious pieces.
    My technology is known in Spain as of "Cuerda Seca ", that has Syrian and Arabic origin.
    Many Congratulations,

  2. what a beautiful round up -- love the variety-- thanks for featuring 5gardenias'antique apple plate!

  3. Herney, very very interesting about the Cuerda Seca tehnique.

    And Kathi, I love your vintage shop but didn't realize you also make jewelry. LOVE that coral piece you featured on your blog!

  4. A beautiful plates! I won't everyone ;-) The last plat is... MY! I love this colours :-)

  5. Jana, i SO wish i could read your blog.............but first i must learn Polish! I love that I learned about a new technique with that last plate. very cool.

  6. Pamela -> I still learm your language... so sorry for spelling error ;-)

    You can't read my blog so maybe I introduce myself ;-)

    I like:
    - motorcycle (I have Honda Shadow 750) and when I have time (for example in weekend) I drive by moto with my friends ;-)
    - chocolate (very much)
    - taking fotos - I'm like Japanese's tourist ;-)
    - old furnitures, houses, cars, fotos
    I'm single. Now ;-)
    And I work in office as HR Specialist.

    Now you now something about my ;-)

  7. i'm a photo nut too. carry that dang camera with me just about everywhere. you never know when you're going to need it Jana. Thanks for the tidbits about you. i like motorcyles too. don't have one, just live vicariously through others like you. love chocolate too. wish there was someway to have your blog translated Jana. will have to look into that!


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