Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Moon Is Blue

Blue, Teal, and Turquoise On My Mind

I am not a 'shopper' so to speak. Malls aren't my thing. Clothes shopping generally isn't my thing.  Vintage shopping, yes. Vintage clothes shopping, sure. Used to be a thrift store nut. Well, yesterday I stopped into Marshall's on my way home. Again, something that doesn't happen too often round these parts.  Just making a quick stop to see if they had any end of the season bathing suits since mine is just about toast from all my pool time. Hardly anything. Bummer. Then I saw this skirt. Number one, I haven't bought a skirt in years. Number two, not for lack of trying. Been looking for a parachute skirt for a couple of years to no avail. Then there was this one staring me in the face. Anyone who knows me, knows this tie-dyed beauty was screaming 'me'.  (Yes, Susie, I bought something new tie-dyed. Could not resist.)

I think I love the transition of hues in tie-dyed things. Well, this little number tickled my fancy and was on sale. Woohoo. Don't you know I love the word sale?

What I also love are the colors. Seriously LOVE. Reminds me of the ocean or the Mediterranean.

Let's recap. This is not about the fact that my foot looks eency weency, and my hand looks huge. It's about the colors. Did I tell you my kitchen was painted the dark Mediterranean blue in my skirt for 13 years? Couldn't find the color I wanted on any paint chip. Then I looked at the legal pad I was writing on one day realized the top was the color I wanted. I ripped the legal pad header off and had the paint store match it. Yup. Told you I loved theses colors.

They were still on my brain this morning when I created The Moon Is Blue treasury for etsy's treasury island team (Hi team!). I'm the captain and we put treasuries, a sort of curated shopping flyer, together to pay it forward and help fellow etsy shops get noticed.

Gorgeous colors, right?

(Feel free to click on the picture to explore the shops that are featured.)

Here's a few other things, some by Treasury Island teammates, that give me the blues in the most wonderful way. 

Brooch Ice Rose
Copyright, Rubya100 2011

A blue rose, so very pretty. And I do love a brooch.

Sapphire Earrings with Textured Circles
Copyright LunaTerra, 2011

I love the opalescent quality of these earrings.

AQUA ...SEA BREEZE...Elegant Hand Knitted  Vest, Bolero, Shrug
Copyright Rumina, 2011

Dainty and feminine.

 Flower photo - blue bouquet - feminine - shabby chic 5x5 print, gift for her
Copyright SFreedPhotography, 2011

The natural beauty of hydrangeas.

Vintage 1980s Turquoise Blue Zig Zag Spanish Leather High Heels - Sergio Zelcer Pumps Womens 6.5
Copyright StoryTellersVintage, 2011

Head over heels.

Wood Necklace - Blue Acrylic Painting, Sterling Silver, Pendant, Ebony, Brown, Abstract Art, Teardrop, Jewelry, Jewellery
Copyright SYMBOLICinteraction2, 2011

The exact coloring and feel of the aforementioned skirt find!

Teal Earring Frame Distressed
Copyright jcrabbit, 2011

Love turquoise, especially with the worn edges. So much depth.

Demeter Dior Solid Parfum - handmade solid parfum with organic ingredients
Copyright MyLittleNaturalSoapCompany, 2011

Such elegant colors for packaging.

Blue Rose Crochet Necklace
Copyright 3Pearls, 2011

Another lovely blue rose to end on.

What colors are you drawn to over and over again?  Do you have a favorite? I'd find it hard to chose, but these would be right up there.

Aahhhhhhh, middle of the week already. Seize the day and enjoy your Wednesday!



  1. Thanks for including my Blue Rose Necklace here! I'm honored to be in such good company :) Those blue scalloped heels are just calling my name...

  2. Oh Marci, I know what you mean about those heals. Just need a good dancefloor to show them off!

    And Rubya.........Wow too your brooch! So very pretty.

    Thank you both for stopping by.

  3. Great collection. Auqua, teal, turquiose, however it is worded, I love these colors.

  4. Oh, my favorite color family! Always BUY when something calls your name

  5. Thanks for stopping by Mitch and giving your two cents on color.

    And SusieQ, I thought for sure you'd tease me after our conversation about tie-dyed-LOL! Ever so restrained Madam. ;)

  6. What a fantastic post! Thank you for the shout out!!

  7. So very beautiful! Thx so much for featuring me! :)


  8. You're welcome CourtneyJo & Sharon!!! Thanks for stopping by.


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