Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What Inpsires You Wednesday

Resources At Your Fingertips

Literally. The world wide web is full of a lot of stuff. That stuff includes some pretty great resources to improve your business and your blog. I find it inspiring that when I am looking for an answer to something, whether it's the sizing for a facebook page timeline or how to pull it 'all' together, it's usually a mouse click away.

I find it inspiring that people are willing to share what they know with the masses.  I also find it inspiring to know that other people are out there looking for the same information as I am. It helps me feel not quite so alone.


Here are some resources that I think are well worth sharing.


My etsy/blogging pal Ashley has really gone out with this FREE business and blogging bootcamp. It is chock full of information, and guides you in actually putting her advice to practical use - complete with assignments and worksheets. This is a not-to-be-missed series.

Are you a creative who is feeling overwhelmed? Confused about what step to take next? Can't organize yourself to make the most of your time? Tired of working the way everyone expects you to work, instead of what works best for you? Roadmap to Action is for you. *bonus points- the roadmap to action guide is offered  for 'pay what you think it's worth'. {I love this pricing model}. Laura Simms of Create As Folk also offers FREE video training ias part of her Get Paid For Being You Series.
So, you're not a designer but you want your stuff to look good? This is the place.  There are tons of designers selling their creations at a price you can probably afford.  Need a blog template? Check. Looking for some social media icons for your blog? Check. I could browse through Creative Market for hours.
4. Luna Metrics: Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet

Don't know what size to create your facebook timeline at? Not sure what size a pinterest pin displays at? This Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet is your new starting point. Filled with social media imaging sizing info, Luna Metrics hit the mark with this infographic. Bookmark it. You'll use it over and over again.
5. Synecoretech: Using Pinterest for Business

Do you wonder if you're using Pinterest to its full potential to help you grow your business? Asking yourself what's the best time to pin? This infographic on Using Pinterest for Business created by Synecoretech is a great place to start.

Are you a blogger? Trying to pull your blog design together for a more cohesive look? elembee has some great tips for creating a style guide that works for you and your blog.
Rena describes herself as a repeat-offender creative entrepreneur.  Her blog has a huge amount of great business advice and she often enlists the help of other entrepreneurs who share their know-how too. You'll find advice on all sorts of subjects at Rena Tom, and plenty of words to live by.

8. Mercantile Muse: Work It Series

As a business owner for 19 years, I have helped many small businesses with their Adv/PR/Marketing efforts. I've got a lot of advice to share and have done so in my Work It Series including: Your Unique Product Benefit; Your Unique Selling Proposition; and Little Big Stuff just to get you started.

What are you waiting for? Go explore and get inspired!

Inspiration can take so many forms. I'd love to hear what's inspiring you today or what you may have discovered in the above links that you'll put to work for your business and/or blog. 

I just shipped out a print of one of my illustrations and I'm about to start design work on a couple of logos for clients. What's on your to do list today?

Ciao for now,



  1. These sound like some great, resources, Pam! I look forward to checking them out.

    1. You'll be happy you did!

      just sent you an email..........finally!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing Pam!! It's always good to find more advice for growing a business.

  3. Wow Pam, what a great collection of resources. I'm bookmarking your page!!

    1. now it's just finding the time to make the most of them!


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