Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dateline: Everytown, USA

Memorial Day: My Hometown
Every Memorial Day I drive 10 minutes East to my hometown, Hampton, NH. I meet my sister and brother in law at their house, and most of the time others arrive- this year my nephew and his son Cayden (below)- and we all set off together on foot. Parade bound. 
We have our usual spots at the beginning of the route. 
This year, the parade was led by a Pearl Harbor survivor.

He was followed closely by our local veterans, including Uncle George (1 tour of Korea, 2 in Vietname) in the jeep, the Winnacunnet High School Band who played songs for each branch of the service this year, and of course the Boy Scouts, the Cub Scouts and the Girl Scouts.

Then we pep step it to High Street to meet the parade on the other side, and watch them lay the wreath at the War On Terror Memorial at the Legion.

Onto the cemetery for the Memorial Day services.

That includes the Pledge of Allegiance, invocation, a speaker, the anthem, recoginition of the veterans by war and branch (that's Uncle Norm second from left....he and the man to his left are both WWII veterans), the junior high chorus singing God Bless America......

....readying the little ones for the gun salute (that's my Dad who served during the Korean War, my niece, her daughter Sophia and Cayden again), Uncle George ordering the gun salute, Taps (which always makes me cry....well, this year I was tearing up at the start of the parade thinking of what the Pearl Harbor survivor must have witnessed. What can I say.)......

the tolling of the bell for each war, followed by the closing and the obligatory mingling.

Uncle Norm wanted to talk to the young recruit who particpated this year. 'Semper Fi Brother'.

And then, a closing shot of two of my favorite marines, before walking back to sister Di's for a BBQ with family and friends and to to enjoy the freedoms so many have fought for, and for which too many have died.

We were so glad to see the sun finally come out, just in time for Memorial Day.

Sunset Meadows

The day ended on a brilliant note. The sunset was blinding.

It was a good day.

Did you get to enjoy a long holiday weekend where you were? How'd you spend your time? Even though it rained, we still got a campfire in Friday night. A little rain wasn't gonna keep us down.

Have a great day.

Ciao for now,

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