Tuesday, May 7, 2013

From The Desk Of

Pamela J. Bates
Here I sit at my desk. I know, who'd a thunk it? Me? At my desk? Craziness I say. Just craziness.
Needless to say, it's pretty much where I spend most of my time....on the other end of that computer screen you're looking at, designing and typing away like a mad woman. OK, happy woman. Not mad. When I'm designing and busy, I am happy.
Here's new stuff hot off the press.
I think I've told you that I design logos and business branding. If I haven't, I did now. If I have, pardon mois for repeating myself.
That includes premade logos that are available in the Bates Mercantile Co. shop.  Obviously, the name is changed to protect the innocent........I mean, the name is changed to the correct business name of the buyer.
I've created a few custom logos recently as well, including this one for Shamsi Acupunture in San Francisco. If you're in that area, Shamsi Pourfatemi Creps, M.S., L.Ac.​​ cares for the whole person, body and soul, and incorporates acupunture, electro acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, moxibustion, nutritional counseling, and cupping. Besides, she was lovely to work with on her branding project.
This is one I created years ago, but it's still a favorite.  I'm using for my custom design listing on etsy.
Simple and sweet. 
I also added a new photograph listing today. One of my many beautiful sunsets here at Sunset Meadows.  It has geometric embellishments and I'm ready to print a large print for myself. Is that ok to say?
It's a beautiful day here today. I need to make a point of getting away from this desk for a few minutes to take it all in.
How about you? What's happening in your corner of the world? 
Make it a good one. 
Ciao for now,


  1. I love your logos.....and your sunsets. :0)

  2. I love the picture you made for yourself. It's really unique and I think you should sell them. I've never seen a concept like it before!

    1. I did list it!!! But I think I'm going to print out for myself on 13 x 19. Now....where to put it? Thanks Sarah!

  3. I love the Field and Fury logo. Very cute and rustic.


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