Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Good Stuff

Etsy Favorite Finds

Hi guys. Has anyone been on etsy lately?

Since we have a shop, I'm on there every day checking on things. This gives me a good excuse to find things I love.

Here's some of my 'lately loves' that I'd be happy to swoop up.


vintage hand mirror with birch via snapshot vintage
vintage berger blanc bottle via french find
horse photograph via stephs shoes
cable knit tea cosy via maya be crafty
champagne cork necklace via sometimes i wine
Have I told you I have a thing for birch trees? I do. Hence the great vintage hand mirror.
The vintage bottle is actually bigger than it looks in the picture and it has such a fantastic shape. Isn't it cool?
How beautiful is the horse picture? Amazing.  Stephanie also has some really wonderful shots of NH's White Mountains, which of course, makes my heart happy. The thing about our little state of New Hampshire, it has everything ....seashore and beach (albeit only 19 miles, it's a wonderful 19 miles), lakes region, mountains, great north woods, a couple of small cities and we're within 50 minutes of Boston. What's not to love?
A cable knit tea cosy? So sweet. Tea cosies remind me of my Gram. As a proper Yorkshire woman, she always used one.
I'm sure you can guess why I love the champagne cork necklace, right? You go it. I love cork.
You didn't buy that one, did you?
If you've found some new wonderful things on etsy, feel free to share a link in the comments. I love it when you guys direct me to new shops I never would have known about otherwise.
Have a super Tuesday.
Ciao for now,


  1. I'm inspired by Etsy every day, too! Love the champagne cork necklace.

  2. I spent today hanging out on Etsy looking for a vintage watch for my husband for our 25 wedding anniversary. I found so much good stuff! I love your finds, that tea cozy is so cute.
    Everyday Inspired

  3. great choices...I have a shop on Etsy, but I'm not doing much with it anymore. since they changed the search, and started to allow wholesale and resellers, my views tanked, no matter how hard I worked. I also have a shop on HandmadeArtists.com and my shop there gets more views then I ever did on Etsy. But I still spend time on Etsy and promote it when I find great items or small shops there. I love that horse picture!!!

  4. Oh my goodness, that mirror is so pretty!


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