Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hello May Day!

A Season In Bloom

I confess. I did not take these pictures today. May Day here is looking, shall we say, 'not so pretty'. It's gray. It's cold. It's damp. It's downright raw and lashing rain.  So I'm very glad I snapped these pictures on the weekend when we had some sun. They are a true celebration of Spring and the merry month of May.

I can't say for certain, but if I remember correctly this is some kind of flowering crabapple tree.  That is not to say this tree gets any crabapples. It sure bursts into an amazing floral display though, each year about this time.

Made even more vibrant against the Spring grass and blue sky.

Each flower is perfectly wonderful.

I know this is out of focus, but I like this shot regardless. The burst of color and a peek of flowers in focus in the back against the sky. 

What a lovely way to welcome May.

As I mentioned, our lilacs are out 4 weeks early. I am so glad I took the time to fill our house with vase after vase of my favorite flower yesterday. So glad I heard the weather forecast.  Hopefully the rest survive the rain. On that note, I think I'll just keep looking at the flowers of this pretty tree and forget the rain outside.

Be well,


  1. we had a tree like that in our front yard when I was a teenager. it took up the whole yard, and when the flowers fell, it looked like it was snowing. so pretty.

    1. That tree is so pretty! Oh, pink snow! Love it Debbi. What a nice memory.

  2. Wonderful! I love crabapple trees. I just went ahead and took my May flower pictures today even though it is gray and drippy here, too.

    1. Lynette....do yu think it's just a 'flowering' crabapple because it doesn't really get any fruit? little things but nothing that would be classified as a crab apple. still gray and drippy here. hoping for sun tomorrow to dry out the lilac bushes.

  3. Beautiful! It's rather overcast here, too. Tourist warning: the San Diego coast is not terribly warm in May and June. We are having May Gray and it turns into June Gloom. I can't wait for my hydrangeas to bloom!

    1. thanks for the warning. didn't realize you were in san deigo. I have a friend there who plays guitar and sings locally....jeffrey joe morin. if you ever get the change, he's something else. always has something up his sleeve. i don't think our hydrangea will be blooming until mid summer anyways........a long while to wait!

    2. No upcoming shows but I sent his website on to my husband! We'll keep an eye out for him.

    3. Jeffrey joe has this one coming up......nabbed it from his facebook page. i'll tell him he needs to update his webpage!

      here's something he's got cominhg up....usually in good company too. he leans towards old standards, bluesy ballads and cowpoke songs. i love that kind of thing. I've yet to meet him in 3D but we've been online friends for, dare I say, almost 10 years. Someday I will get to san diego!

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  4. Boo on the rain! We finally got spring around these parts after a long extended chilly winter - so my fingers are crossed that the nice weather heads east over to you! Beautiful blooms!

    1. are you in northern california? wouldn't have put you under the long winter category so i must be off geographically. hoping you're on your way to some spring weather now. loved your post today about the conference!

  5. Pretty pics! I do like the one that is out of focus too. We're seeing lilacs and all kinds of trees blooming early here in Nor Cal too, but if I can pick some cherries early this year, I won't mind at all!


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