Monday, April 30, 2012

I Was Right

All About Sunday

No. It wasn't a day of rest. At least not round these parts. We did go to my parents to pick up the newly removed hydrangea. I had to laugh because when we got there, my mother was on a cleaning frenzy on the porch and had my father pulling chairs out so she could Spring clean behind them.

When we got home from my parent's we picked a spot for the hydrangea, Gar dug a biggo hole and we planted that puppy.

"No Gar, a little bit this way please," said I. Well, simply because it's a woman's prerogative to do that when DH is moving furniture or getting a large tree situated in a hole for final planting.

Then, just to bug him a little in the face. Couldn't resist expecially since he couldn't let go of the hydrangea yet to make me get away with the camera.

It took awhile to get it planted between the picking the spot, the digging, the situating......

....the covering of the roots, the standing back and admiring that the hydrangea looks good to go. Like it's always been there.

While we were in yard mode, we continued and started to clean out the flower garden that surrounds the pool patio.   We figured we'd do that instead of taking the trail walk we had planned on. It came down to one of the other.

We also did a wash and hung that out to dry- it was a perfect drying day with the breeze/wind. 

When we were done we prepped dinner. Pork roast with garlic ramps and beautiful sliced yellow beets.

Then we were back out to the line to fold the laundry.

I only mention all of this to point out that I proved my own theory about Sunday Rest Day. 

Sunday Rest Day is illusive. 

Sunset Meadows

I did find 10 minutes to sit in the adirondack and just enjoy the golden sun. Glorious.  Then it turned into this. It was a long, slow sunset and we thoroughly enjoyed the the day was long and full.

Hope your day is off to a fantastic start (or end depending on where you are).


  1. Those yellow beets are gorgeous. I've never seen them before. Nice job planting the hydrangea. We have a number of them around our yard.

    1. aren't they pretty. can't say I remember roasting beets before but they were delicious that way. Hoping the hydrangea survives the transplant because it's always been very pretty at my Mom's.

  2. I loved this was filled with lots of wonderful things with nice company!

    1. Yes, always plenty of good company around here :)

  3. indeed indeed - my sunday was FAR from restful - it started with a 3.45am alarm call, a walk in pouring London rain to catch a bus to the airport and then mean, just plain mean security staff and airport gate staff (who were obviously grumpy as they had no day of rest either). Phew! Here's to Monday!!

    1. well, 3:45 is enough to get anyone's day off to a bad start. Oh boy do I know what you're talking about. I got in the line with the worst Italian passport agent EVER when we went to Rome. Gar being from Dublin got to go in EU line. But not me. I got crazy man. Called us all over to his line, was billigerent shouting at the line, in Italian no less. Was nasty to each person he dealt with until this toddler (seriously....a toddler) who ran through the line was all he could take. shut down the line immediately and left us all standing there in shared dumbfoundedness. hoping to not go through that again. well, you must be getting closer to home if you're not already there. You'll get to rest on your own pillow tonight.

  4. that looks more like a TREE! lol. you must share a picture when it's blooming.


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