Sunday, April 29, 2012

Suddenly Sunday

Day of Rest?

I don't know if our Sunday can ever be considered a day of rest. We may take it a little easier, but usually we're still checking things off the to-do list. Today, we're off to my parent's house to pick up a big hydrangea my mother didn't want anymore. Then we'll have to come home and plant it. After that, we may plant our kale and spinach seeds. We don't usually plant seedlings until Memorial Day weekend (because around these parts there is always chance for frost), but I think planting the spinach and kale seeds should probably be ok. I did have kale that overwintered last year, so if it can handle snow, I would think it could handle some chilly nights. Fingers crossed.

How does Sunday get here so fast? I love Sunday but I wish there was one more day in between Saturday and Sunday.

Luckily, we did fit in a good bit yesterday including our trail walk.  Lucan was a pretty happy hound.

Last night, we had our farmers market dinner.....grilled lamb burgers on top of fresh greens with roasted garlic ramps and red potatoes on the side. Delicious.

Wish I'd remember to top it off with the pickled red onions when I had better lighting for the picture.

They really gave it that extra yummy factor.

Sunset Meadows

We also got to enjoy the sunset in our adirondack chairs last night. It was a lovely sunset as usual and even lucan sat there watching the sun go down last night.

However, Thursday night's was quite spectacular. It had such a pretty glow.

This may be one of my favorites.

Any big plans for the day?  In addition to what I mentioned above, we'll also be trying to get a trail walk in towards the end of the day.  Everytime we hit the trail, both of us say, 'I love these trails'. We are so happy to have finally found them.

Have a great Sunday,


  1. That last picture is SO cool!

  2. What a lovely outlook from your chairs. Your post about sundays days of rest reminds me of Cari Jane's post about fallow periods...Sundays used to be fallow days (at least in christian countries...Fridays in islamic countries but not sure about elsewhere). Snapshot moments for rest...but now even the shops are open sundays.

  3. Oh yum, wish I could eat one of those lamb burgers! They look so good!


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