Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Favorite Finds

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A Gallery Showing of Sorts

I've been lucky to discover some wonderful artists on etsy over the past week or two. Each with their own unique style and perspective.  I hope you enjoy them as much as me, and if you know of an artist that you think I should check out, give them a shoutout in the comments.

First up, Secrets of the Sea by Pale Preoccupation

Secrets Of The Sea--signed Print of an Original Ink and Acrylic Painting--PalePreoccupation

...and Bedtime Stories. There is something about this one that reminds me of my Gram, especially some of the older pictures of her (one of which I posted here awhile ago).

Bedtime Stories -- signed Print of an Original Ink and Watercolor Painting -- PalePreoccupation

Love the whimsical nature of the art that Ruth-Mary from Patchworkfamilies creates. 'Home' makes me want to pull my old typwriter out. If only it looked like this.

Typography Illustration Art Print Pink Typewriter " Home" Poster 8" x 10" Vintage Style

And, 'Oh Sew Happy' really gives me a hankering to sew. Alas, I still have to purchase a replacement for my sewing machine which died in a basement flood last year.

Retro Vintage Style Art Print  "Oh Sew Happy" Sewing Machine green yellow blue Poster 8" x 10"

I love the use of light in this painting entitled Long Shadows by Lisa Schultheis

Landscape Acrylic Painting....Trees original yellow brown green

This illustration, 'My Dream Garden' by Yvonne Stewart of Coramantic was created using gouache, pen, ink and pencil.  So very lovely.

A5 Original Illustration Drawing Painting - My Dream Garden

Really wonderful use of colors as a statement of her artistry.

A4 Original Illustration Drawing Painting - Miles Away

There sure are an awful lot of talented people on etsy. I love finding new favorites.

I leave you with one more by Sadee Schilling.

Cup of LOVE--Coffee, Tea and Flowers--Nursery Wall Art--Limited Edition Watercolor Print

Have a great Sunday. I'm off to a community baby shower that my friend Sarah organizing. She's a high schooler and the shower benefits 'The Baby Closet' at her church, which helps out families who are less fortunate. Such a great thing, because everyone needs a little help now and then.

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Ciao for now,


  1. What wonderful artwork! Thank you for sharing with us! Etsy is amazing, isn't it?

    Flora Doora

  2. I am always inspired by the artwork on Etsy. Nice choices to feature today!

  3. Love this feature, art comes in all shapes and forms! The typewriter print is adorable.

  4. Jane, I am ALWAYS amazed at the talent I find on etsy. That's part of what makes it so special I think.

    Kathy, it's easy to find inspiration on etsy and in SO many forms.

    Seriously Jess, how cute is that typewriter. My real one is gray and boring (and in the attic).

  5. Wonderful collection of artists, thank you for creating this. I really enjoyed browsing the etsy shops, so easy to get sucked in for hours appreciating the art. :) Sadee Schilling is a lovely lady and artist, honored to be on the page with her. <3
    -Liese Chavez


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