Monday, January 2, 2012

It's A New Year, A New Day

Hanging With The Neighborhoodlums

As we had planned for New Year's Eve, we stayed close to home. This is one of the benefits of having great neighbors.  We started two doors down at Sandee and Gerry's. We were missing a few neigborhoodlums.......Lauren and Jay- the youngin's- went down the road a bit and unfortunately, Tom and Joan missed this year with another offer in the next town.

That did not deter their friends Gail and Greg joining in on another New Year's with the Winnicutt Road Gang.  They walked into Sandee and Gerry's and said 'Where's Tom and Joan?', shocked that they would miss the fun. They would not believe us that they went somewhere else.

We did our best to carry on, beginning with a sing song around Sandee's piano. we sang a little of everything starting with a couple of Irish songs Sandee had found in her book, a little Dylan, the Beatles, John Denver, the neighborhood theme song of course- That's Amore, and we ended with God Bless America because everyone knows the words.

Then we took headed out, complete with flashing lights, New Year's horns, tin whistles, and champagne and walked the two houses up to our place.  As expected, more merriment followed. 

Sandee tested out her new wine aerator on Greg's wine. Two thumbs up from those drinking vino. I on the other hand, took my new cocktail mixer for another test run. This thing kicks butt.  Sister Gloria gave it to me for Christmas and she found it at Brookstone.  It not only mixes, but has an automatic motorized dispeser and light. Classic.

Gerry and Gar played YouTube DJs and we did some more singing as well as some dancing, including Gerry and Garrett doing their best Right Said Fred impersonation to 'I'm Too Sexy'. 

Greg and Gail had to leave just before midnight because they'd been away from home all day and needed to let the dog out.  Sandee had a quick lie down on the couch because she caught the dreaded bug. 

She recovered however, just in time for the Midnight toast.  I am peeking out from the back, donning the pink boa.

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had as much fun as we did. Did you sing and dance too? Or did you play cards and games? Did you have a special meal, like my parent's bake stuffed shrimp? Did you make it to midnight?

Had a great day yesterday too at sister Di and bil Al's house. His family came down from Canada and we had a lovely roast turkey dinner.  We used to go up there for New Year's so it was nice to spend New Year's Day with them again. More on that tomorrow.

Here's a sneak peak..........Sistafriend Celine (bil Al's sister) got a Red Neck Wine Glass from Di and Al for Christmas! Too funny.

Sunrise Meadows

Beautiful sky this morning. Got up from bed just to get a shot of the pink clouds.

Have a great day in your corner of the world.

Ciao for now,

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