Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Day South of the Border

A Turkey Dinner? Yes please.

Gar and I used to go to Canada to celebrate New Year's. Just over the VT border in East Herreford, to our brother-in-law Al's family's place.  New Year's Day was just as big at Aimee and Louie's house. The first year we went, Gar looked like he was going to explode. Literally.

Imagine roast turkey dinner accompanied by just about everything including tourtière (Canadian meat pie), stuffing, tons of vegetables fresh frozen from the summer garden, homemade zucchini relish, beets, salads, potatoes- the list goes on. This was all followed by every sweet bar Memere (Aimee) could bake up, and you might as well throw some pies in there too. So when I say Gar looked like he would explode, I'm really not exaggerating.

Well, this year sister Di and brother in law Al held the Frechette family New Year's celebration. Luckily, we were invited.  The sky was beautiful blue with very wispy clouds on our way over. The beginning of a great day.

There was a little (OK, a lot) of everything at Di and Al's.  Food, family and fun.

There was holiday food including the roast turkey dinner, celebratory drinks like the shandy gaff that Celine (my bil's sister) brought and which I really enjoyed, football (thankfully the Pats woke up in the second half and took care of business), presents (like the redneck wine glass Celine received), and even a gift raffle thanks to my dear sistafriend Sylvie (bil Al's other sister and Celine's twin).  We scored big in the raffle, winning two of the four gifts up for grabs ...first gar's name was picked and then he picked me. Gotta love it.  Gotta love the biggo glass of jelly bellies I won too.)

There were four generations of Frechettes present when our great niece Sophia arrived with her Dad, Mikey. My niece and mommy Alaina had to stay home thanks to the dreaded bug that I apparently gave to half the family on Christmas Eve. Bummer.

It was a great day and a great way to start the year.  The holidays just seem to keep rolling this year.

How did you spend the day on New Year's?  Was it quiet or full of more celebration?

Have a wonderful Tuesday in your corner of the world. Some serious cold has arrived here, so I'm busy keeping the fire stocked.  Thanks to the G-man for loading up the wood basket for me. 


  1. I have never been to Canada. We're planning some new travel over the next few years. I've always gone island hopping. I still haven't been to Europe, Canada or a lot of places in the US.

  2. Courtney, the corner of Canada we got to is quite beautiful. Rural farming countryside, lakes, mountains on the way. I went to Montreal once in high school (many moons ago) and love it. It was such a clean city. My parents used to go quite often and the loved it. As far as Europe, we would really love to see more of Italy, get a visit in to Gar's sister and family in Cyprus and of course, Ireland is always on our list.

    The irish guy has seem more of the states than I have. Someday I think it would be a ton of fun to do a roadtrip across country. Take the backroads and meet people from all over and see amazing sights.


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