Saturday, December 31, 2011

Manifesto for a New Year

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

Call me crazy, but I'm not very sad to see this past year go.  It hasn't been the easiest for many people I love.  I'm ready for some new energy. More positivity. A renewed focus on things that are important to me.  You know, all that comes with beginning a new year.

So here it is. My manifesto for 2012. I'm not big on the word 'resolution', only because it seems when you make them, you're so over them by February.  I want to think forward to the entire year and what I want out of it. The things on my manifesto will help me get there.

I'm sure I could have come up with other things if my head wasn't still full from this bug. That said, I will add to and take away as I see fit.

What about you? Got any dreams, goals, resolutions? Got a manifesto? I'd love to know. It may help me see that I've missed things on mind, and as I mentioned, it's a work in progress.

Have a wonderful New Year's Eve and thank you so much for spending time with me this year. It means a lot.


  1. It's too hard to pick one resolution, I like the manifesto idea! :) I'll have to work on mine. Have a great New Year's as well!

  2. Great list! My blog today is my 7 goals for the new year. It's a good time to assess and plan! Happy new year!! :)

  3. No manifesto exactly. If I put mine down on paper it might look a lot like yours! But I love a new year and the fresh start it brings. I'd like to just work on being a better me. Spiritually, emotionally, and physically. And I'm so looking forward to our expanding family, with weddings and new babies in 2012!
    Happy new year!

  4. well gals, it's always good to knwo you're not the only one taking account of things and making plans!

    Manifesto may be too strong of word, but goals didn't seem strong enough.

    good luck with the family expansion Kathy!


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