Monday, January 30, 2012

Idea File Growing

Color Me Pretty: January 2012

The File Is Starting to Overflow

All I need is more time in the day, so I can actually try some of these 'crafty' ideas that have caught my eye lately, like those I shared on Saturday.  I keep finding more to add to the list, like everything in this post over on decor8.

I especially love this dreamcatcher idea.  You could really make this your own with different embellishments. Have to say though, I really, really like this one.

Color Me Pretty: January 2012

Then of course, there is Sania Pell, who I've mentioned before. Thank you Cari for getting me addicted to this woman's work. She's not only a great interior designer, stylist, and photographer, she's also quite a crafty girl.

This tealight from vintage tart tin, looks like it wouldn't be too difficult to try.

vintage tart tin candle

Love the end result. The glow that the three wicks give off is so pretty. 

Sania doesn't just 'make crafts' though, she also wrote a book about it.

The Homemade Home: 50 Thrifty and Chic Handmade Projects

May have to get my hands on that one. I bet she's got some fantastic ideas in it, and I love that the subtitle is '50 thrifty and chic handmade projects'. How can you go wrong?

The resurgence in crafting continues to grow and shows no signs of stopping. It feels like the right time for it as people look to spend less, yet still want pretty things in their lives that make them happy. 

Crafting also holds so many memories for a lot of us. I remember doing lots of crafts from a kids craft book my Mom had on the shelf (aside: Mom, do you know the one I'm talking about? Is it still around?). If I was bored, there were all sorts of fun projects. Another side bonus of crafting is that you can often do it with a group of people and it can be quite social which makes it even more fun.

I was lucky enough to feature some wonderful crafters/artists this past fall. If you haven't read these post already, you'll find some great tutorials from Kristen, Stacey, and Daena. If you're interested in sharing a craft/art in the next installment of  'Be Our Guest' on Mercantile Muse, just let me know by commenting below and I'll be in touch.

Am I the only one that has crafts on her mind? Have you been crafting anything lately? Or are you just filling up your idea file like me and waiting for the perfect time to dive in?

What's Happening Behind Me

No, this isn't a comment about my backside growing larger because I'm sitting on it all day in front of the computer screen. 

Just sharing today's take on 'it's a dog's life', as portrayed by Lucan.

Oh yeah, it's a tough life but somebody's got to do it.

Have a fantastic start to your week wherever you are and I'll do the same in my little office/studio.

Ciao for now,


  1. hahaha, love your pooch! and we are always crafting, or thinking of crafting, or talking about crafting, here at our home. lol

    1. yup. he's a piece of work, that lucan.

      the crafting bug is catching!!! my list is growing to a mile long debbi!

  2. I wish I had more time in the day too! Love your shares. Lucan has the right idea! I'd love to curl up about now! Cute!

    1. Tammy, lucan has got lounging down to art. He's 13 this spring, so he does more and more. He is a couch hound.

      I've been finding such great project ideas lately!

  3. I wish I had another 10 hours in a day, at least! Lucan looks so sweet cuddling with his bunny ;)

    xoxo, B

    1. Well, to be honest B, it's a beaver. It's his newest friend. Santa brought it. LOL. he loves his friends. never eats them. Walks around in circles with his friends in his mouth but never eats them. Dogs, they're so funny.

  4. Aw, great shot of the pup! And this is why I love Pinterest- it makes me look at the pictures and then I REALLY want to make something, so I do! But yes, an extra 10 hours in a day or so would be great!

    1. Pinterest is an endless idea file for things to create!~

      ok, so we can all agree on 10 more hours a day? :)

  5. Oh what I would give for an extra few hours in a day!

  6. Awww...LOVE the doggy :) Such a sweet picture!
    I have that book by Sania Pell. I like her simple yet effective style. I wish I could do more crafty things. I have a million ideas in my head, but alas - no time!
    That dream catcher is amazing. That's a project I'd like to try too!

    p.s. thanks for your vote - much appreciated!

    1. yes duni, he's pretty sweet, especially when he's all curled up and sleeping.

      lucky duck having that book. i really think i've got to bite the bullet and get that one. i've seen a couple other crafting books lately that i'm banging my head for not buying.

      ok, dreamcatcher it is. can't wait to see yours!!!

  7. I know exactly how you feel about not having enough time in the day. I've been kicking myself for not taking on more fun DIY projects over the winter. I really wanted to make a wreath and a set of gourd figurines of typical holiday things: Rudolph, Santa, abominable snowman, etc...

    1. ok- just an fyi court. winter is NOT over! get gourding girl :)


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