Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Happy Girl

What a Parade

I missed you all on the Muse yesterday. I was off to the Hampton Christmas Parade. I was looking forward to seeing Santa (well, more like seeing the faces on the kiddos when they saw Santa), but this year, Santa got upstaged by the Stanley Cup. Yes, THE Stanley Cup.

We met the family downtown and the parade started with the longest and loudest run of fire engines ever.

Our great nephew Cayden had his hands over his ears the whole time.

Then he was SO excited when he saw Frosty coming. That ended when we called Frosty over and all of a sudden he seemed to be looming too big and large and Cayd wanted nothing to do with him even if his Grammy (sister Glo) told him it was ok.

The kid ran for the hills.

Our great niece Sophia enjoyed most of the parade from the top of her Dad's shoulders. The perfect spot.

Uncle George went by with the American Legion Post 35 gang. He was like a rolling color guard. 

I'll be sure to include some more pics tomorrow......... there were great cars, bagpipe bands, highschool bands and the like. 

This however, is why I was A.W.O.L.

Just look at me balance the big 'ol Stanley Cup on one little finger!


One Happy Girl.

Many many thanks to our friend Desi at the 401 Tavern for making it all happen.  Thanks for such a great present to start off the season Des!!! You rock and so did the Cup.

We're off with the saw to find the perfect Christmas Tree. Enjoy your Sunday. Do a little something to get in the spirit of things!

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  1. That looks like great fun! I don't think we have Christmas parades down here. We have parades for everything else, it seems, but not that. I think we need one! :)


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