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Inspired: Design....Holiday White and Parade March

Ornament Snowflake White Glittered UNIQUE SUGAR CRAFT Hand Piped / Weddings / Christmas / Featured in Well Wed Magazine

Inspired: Design

There are so many ways to decorate for the holidays (I do so hate to limit myself).  They can be full of color, full of nature, full of sparkle or white as the driven snow.  Here are some winter white ideas for decorating in a white pallet for the holidays which you can do with an elegant twist, a whimsical touch (check out the toothpics!), vintage inspired, or sweet as sugar. Look at all you can do with white.

1. snowflake gardland via artsdelight
2. joy pillow by pillowhappy

3. leaping reindeer via slippin’southern

4. toothpick ornament balls via betterhomesandgardens

5. white wreath via taraalexanderdesigns

6. plate as picture holder via betterhomesandgardens
7. via the inspiredroom
8. sugar snowflake via thehappypiper
9. rhinestone napkin holder via decorating ideas made easy

So, what do you think? Will you incorporate some white into your holidays?

I will for sure. I have to say though, I would find it hard to go all white. We outline our little water pump house across the yard in white lights and only use white lights outside. My inside tree however, gets the colored lights treatment, which in part is because I've been collecting ornaments since I was a little kid and I just don't think my tree would be the same with white lights. I will however, see if I can incorporate some area that is focused on the magical beauty that white can create.

March On

As promised yesterday, here's some more pictures of the Hampton Christmas Parade which we attended on Saturday.

Now that I've heard from Kristen from ByTheBookPaper and LifeByTheBook that her town has a parade for just about everything except Christmas, perhaps there are others out there who can live vicariously through the Hampton Parade.

Sounding in good form was the my alma mater, The Winnacunnet Warrior High School Band.

They were looking good too.

This was the place to be if you like old cars. I just loved this old woody.

That's a ride in style.

The Little Warrior's football team dropped and gave us 20.

I was impressed. I probably wouldn't even be able to drop and give you one.

Bikers got into the act. Loved the guy on the shorty.

He gave me a good laugh. Nothing like a grown  man on a small bike.

The sheepdogs were looking spiffy and they were so well behaved.

Some of them had sprigs of fresh holly tied in their hair. Gar and I ended up getting stuck in with them on our walk back to the car. They really were a hoot.

I don't even know what this car was, but I do know that I loved it. Look at those white walls.

I guessed Studebaker, but I could be way way off. It's classic none-the-less.

Every Christmas parade needs a train......

.....and lots of people walking along side giving out candy.

Even the Boston Fire Department Pipe & Drums made a showing.

The major was quite impressive.

The drummers were quite intent.

The unicyclists were something.....they were riding their one wheels and juggling, and this lady was holding the prettiest parasol.

I apologize for being remiss in getting the obligatory shot of the big man in red. I was more intent on getting my moment with the Stanley Cup.

It was a perfect day for a parade.

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Have a marvelous Monday.


  1. My favorite parade feature has to be the bagpipers (thanks to my Scottish family), but I love those sheepdogs! How cute and fun is that. Yes, we have town parades for baseball, fireman's parades in July, etc. but nothing for Christmas, at least where we are. Thanks for sharing! I love the Hampton area, anyway, and those houses look so nice!

  2. Well Kristen, maybe you need to start organizing one for next year. I can give you tips- as a former parade organizer (I've worked on MANY parades and been in quite a few too). The Hampton parade used to be organized by the Chamber who decided to stop organizing it a couple of years ago. A group of citizens and business owners got together to revive it and they've done a great job so far. It is a fun way to get the whole town into the spirit.

  3. Our little town does the fire engine sound off thing too. I went to a parade once that was mostly tractors (very small farm town!)


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