Friday, December 2, 2011

Inspired: Design.....Get Back To Nature For The Holidays

Wood Gift Tags - 5 Rustic Birch Wood Wooden Holiday Ornaments - A natural embellishment for gift bags and boxes, baked goods, and more

Inspired: Design, The Holidays Au Naturale

There is nothing more inspiring than nature. Of course, that's just one gal's opinion.  I always adorn my mantle with big vases of holly at Christmastime.  It's so easy, because I have a giant holly bush right outside my door, but beyond that it looks so darn pretty.  I love the way a simple thing like holly boughs, or pinecones can not only update your decor and give a wink to the season at the same time.

Just look at how easy it can be done and how pretty it can be.

1. pinecone chandelier embellishment via midwestliving
2. square boxwood wreath via NHWoodsCreations
3. pinecone mantle via midwest living
4. tree that braved the storm via artistic creations
5. birchwood gift tags via ARemarkYouMade
6. gold and silver glittered pinecones via thebrooklynhaus
7. reindeer coasters via blythehousecreations
8. a table top forest of pinecone trees via moving designs
9. linen wrapped oranments via liradesigne
10. terracotta via chiotsrun

Do you incorporate nature in your home's holiday decor? Are planning to use nature in new ways this Christmas?  Please tell. I'd really love to know.

Freeform Friday

I love Bon Iver's takeaway shows. It's something about seeing how people spontaneously react to music they didn't expect encounter. It doesn't hurt that I really like Bon Iver's music too.  Here's a double shot -For Emma and Forever  Ago. I love it when they're on the street singing Forever Ago and the people on the tour just walk away, instead of standing there and enjoying a free concert. What? Are they nuts?  Enjoy. (click HERE if you're reading by email)

I hope you have a fantastic Friday. Start your weekend off right.


  1. he he loving the music and the French guy 'non, pas c'est soir....' You've reminded me, I need to dig out the wreath I made last year from a load of scavenged forest finds. I was so pleased with it! It looked as good as the ones for 40 euros in the shops!

  2. I love nature in my decor and I loved all the images that you posted. I wanted to do something new with my chandelier this Christmas and I may just try the pine cone idea! Gorgeous! I also plan on making orange and clove pomanders for my oldie but a goodie. Of course, I use lots of evergreen boughs, too!

  3. Ladies, I've already stolen the planter idea. I've only got one done right outside my door....have to do some more collecting in the woods.

    Sarah.....yes on the pinecones. do it!

    Cari....I'll take your cue. My door is in need of a new wreath this year.


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