Saturday, October 8, 2011

Written In The Sky

Air Maneuvers

My neighbor Sandee knocked on my door yesterday. She was on her way back from her walk and said might I want to get a picture of 'this' for my blog. 'This' happened to be some some kind of air maneuvers going on.  She said she'd been watching it her whole walk and the planes kept criss-crossing the sky. My other neighbor Fred came out to look and said, it 4 engine planes which would more than likely be military so, probably Air Force of Air National Guard. 

Glad Sandee stopped. It was pretty cool.

Here's two of the planes running parallel to each other. The planes kept coming, one right after the other.

This went on for hours.  Garrett said he noticed a lot of activity around 9am and thought, 'that seems like a lot of international flights coming in', but never gave it a second thought because he was building a footing.  Sandee stopped at about noon. The planes didn't stop criss-crossing the sky until about 2:30pm. 

Free sky show. Pretty neat.

Off to the grocery store. Might stop at my new favorite thrift store.......Salvation Army (yay) and see if I find anything our Bates Mercantile Co. customers have to have! AND, then I may stop back in to French Door Antiques, with the card in my camera so I can actually take pictures this time.

What are your plans for the day?

Whatever they are, have a great Saturday in your part of the world.



  1. very nice graphic sky! Was just as blue here (in parts)...

  2. could be an interesting pattern on one of your pieces, etched in the silver.

    if you can believe it, it's even nicer today. it's got to be over 80. I'm about to go sit out in my adirondack and soak it all in.


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