Sunday, July 17, 2011

Treasure Hunting & The Market

Yesterday we took the day to just kick around, doing whatever we felt like. YAY!! We took off in the morning on a treasure hunt and had good luck at yard sales, and also met nice people. A bonus of treasure hunting. So was the gorgeous sunny, blue sky day.

We found this wicked antique space heater - hot, literally (when we plugged it in today ) and figuratively. It is now listed in our shop and is ready to add an industrial edge to someone's abode or office.

Had more success than that treasure hunting, but I don't have everything listed yet. I'll share more tomorrow.

The man that we bought the space heater from had the most ridiculous, mint condition 1958 red El Camino for sale. If I had $15,500 in my pocket, I would have driven it home- I didn't even think the price was bad for this beauty of a beast. I was oooing and aaaahhhing all the way up the drive way. I can be a bit of a gearhead. Seriously awesome car that has been well loved. The owner was selling it because he had another in the garage, and his wife said, "Who needs two?", to which the gentleman replied "I do".  Apparently there's some arm twisting going on to sell this baby. Understandably.

Gar checking out the cream and red interior and dreaming......

Just look at the fins on this thing!
We then set our sights on the Portsmouth Farmer's Market. We got there with an hour to spare, which meant, we'd missed the hoards of people (woohoo!).  Though in the end, we met people we knew. First Noreen, who used to live next to us. Then Jeremy, Bookclub Kath/aka Soy Goddess' son who is going to woodworking school in Boston and now has a studio at The Button Factory, an old warehouse that now houses artists. Jeremy is also an excellent guitarist.  He was scoping out some lunch, while we were looking for a steak for dinner. We found it when we saw our old neighbor from Hampton, Farmer Hurd, selling just what we wanted. Well, sort of- he was out of Gar's first choice.

G-man paying the piper.  Farmer Hurd used to have dairy cows, but switched to raising beef.
My husband had his heart set on Delmonico (pardon us Mr. Fancy Pants), but since we arrived on the 'late side' it was not to be. He was sold out.
So we opted for the sirloin which was very tender and tasty on the grill accompanied by grilled squash from Meadow Mirth Farm, on Berry Hill in Stratham.
 The market is always filled with colorful food, goods, and of course, people.

Since we were in Portsmouth, a great town/city, and it was now lunchtime, we headed over to Market Square for a bite at RiRa a nice Irish Pub that pulls a good pint.  Everyone must have been at the beach because Market Square was kind of quiet for a Saturday.  Regardless, it was as pretty as always.

North Church, the center of Market Square.
We enjoyed the day, which ended with neighbors around the campfire and then steak and wonderful veg from the market. My new favorite salad ingredient......pea tendrils! Try some if you can find them at your farmer's market or from your garden. They taste like guessed it, peas.

Off for a quick dip in the pool and then back in to watch the US Women's Soccer team play Japan in the World Cup Final.......U.S.A..............U.S.A!  I'd say the teams are pretty evenly matched and they both played their last games quite well. But I'm hanging my hope on the USA ladies, they've got GRIT!! Good luck!

Happy Sunday. Hope you have a fantastic day of doing whatever it is that makes you happy!


  1. Wow! I must have that car! It's excellent!

    PS. very good blog ;-)
    I will read you :-)

  2. Hi Jana........thanks for popping in! And yes,that car was excellent and to think he had another in the garage. Holy moly. Thanks for the kind words. Feel free to hit the follow button (which will place us in your blog roll updates) or the subscribe by email button (which will put our posts in your email box).

    Have a super Sunday!!

  3. That heater is indeed wicked cool!
    And the car? Awesomeness!

    Great pictures, great blog, I'm happy to be
    a new follower. ^__^

  4. Thanks for popping in and for following Jonnie! Love they way you( and andrea from DotStitch take old jewelry and recreate it and make it new again. Very cool.


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