Monday, July 18, 2011

The Blue Box

More From The Weekend Treasure Hunt

When I saw this box, it reminded me of the 70s.  When I saw the masking tape with writing on the top, I knew I had to open it to see what was in it.

Dirty, but kind of cute in a retro sort of way.

Men and masking tape. Giving me more work to do.
Of course if there was a vast selection of nails in this box, they must be sorted and stored in some sort of box within a box.


Do you have Prince Albert in can? You do? You better let him out before
he suffocates! Remember that one? Gar had no idea what I was going on about.
As promised on the masking tape, nails.

Sure, the tins also have masking tape labels but I'm hoping a little goo gone will take care of that, and of course a little elbow grease.

It was one heck of a hot Sunday yesterday.  Thank goodness for the pool for quick cool offs. It was needed. Especially after the U.S. Women's Soccer team lost the World Cup to Japan (we watched the game on the small basement TV just because it was a good bit cooler down there). We thought it was our gal's game to lose because they played really great, it just wasn't meant to be. And Japan took care of business in the shoot out.  Congrats to them.  None the less, our gals had a great tournament, so it was a big disappointment.  We were both a little hot under the collar after such a hard loss and were thankful for the pool.

Then we moved on.  We watched one heck of a fireball sunset.....

...... and then fixed up some lamb burgers with the meat we got from Riverslea Farm at the Farmer's Market on Saturday. They were divine.

Make it a marvelous Monday!

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