Saturday, July 16, 2011

Better Late Than Never

Anniversary Dinner.....3 Weeks Late

As you can judge by the title, we had our wedding anniversary three weeks ago.  We were busy preparing for the big shindig on the 4th and never got to go out for the obligatory annivesary meal. Personally, I like the obligatory annivesary meal. It's once a year I can count on going out and having someone else cook for me. I like having a treat to look forward to. 

Finally got around to it last night. We were off to my friend Kath's (she's one of my book club gals.......OK, so we haven't read a book in long time.......that's why I call us the champagne ladies now). Kath (who I also call Soy Goddess- we all have book club nicknames for some reason), owns a great place called Blue Moon Evolution. Blue Moon started it's life as a natural food store. Over the years it morphed into store and cafe. The cafe was such a hit, and other stores started carrying better selections of natural and organic foods, she decided to morph again. She dreamed of having a full service restaurant. Cue Evolution. Cafe by day, upscale restaurant at night. It's a celebration of local food, mindfully prepared in a way that's kind to the planet. It also happens to be out of this world.

Local Fish Cakes and Local Caesar Salad to start. And a Rosalita Margarita,
which is made with pink grapefruit and the Moon's own thyme syrup. 
The cakes and the salad were outstanding, and the Rosalita wasn't bad either...wink, wink.

Gar doing his best to pose and not feel like and idiot as I take pics of food and him.
Hey, it could be worse, I could have actually taken a picture while he was eating.
I know, not quite the right camera setting.

Yeah, I know, this one is dark. Again, obviously not the right camera setting. Live and Learn.  He chose the local Kellie Brook Farm pork cutlet with grilled peaches and blueberry brandy sauce. He loved it and the grilled peaches.  I had the London Broil- rare/medium rare please! Grass fed beef cooked to perfection with
a delicious red wine reduction and a smattering of local blue cheese crumbles.

Seriously, look how perfect that beef is. Best London Broil I've had yet. So tender and flavorful.
I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the veg.......FRESH with a capital F. Peas, carrots, baby turnips and also red bliss potato. Stop drooling on your keyboard!

The happy couple taken by the hostess with the mostest, Alissa, Kath's daughter. We had a wonderful server Erin, and Maddie was kind enough to tend to any of our 'extra needs'. Let me tell you, your water glass never remains empty here. Stealth water bearers at the Moon.

Now, was this the perfect end to dinner at the Moon? Second night of the Full Buck Moon,
according to what I found on the Internet
"because it comes at the time of year when new antlers push out from the foreheads of buck deer. The moniker dates back to the Native American tribes that once lived in the northern and eastern United States."  Interesting.  A little out of focus but it was low, and huge and orange. This really doesn't capture how big it was.

A little clearer. But didn't capture the color. 
 It was a lovely way to celebrate 23 years. How the hell did that happen?

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