Monday, June 27, 2011

Pot Of Gold

Just look at these little nectarines! Unfortunately, there
aren't many on the tree this year, so
we'll have to baby them.
This weekend was FULL.  Saturday, as I mentioned, we were off to a 50th Anniversary Party for a couple of wonderful people The Harrolds (who also happened to be our bridesmaid’s parents). We also celebrated our  anniversary on Saturday. Coincidentally, their anniversary party was held at the same hotel where our reception was 23 years ago. I kept saying we were ‘returning to the scene of the crime’.  We got to spend the afternoon with lots of great people like my parents, our ‘bridesmaid’ and her husband, and her parents (both of whom we don’t get to see nearly enough off). It was a very gray and ugly day outside, but it was sunny and happy inside at the party with lots of love flying around the room.  When we got home, we had a campfire out back and neighbors drifted in and out. It was a good day.
Sunday, the sun actually made an appearance and we were excited that we’d be able to work in the yard. Unfortunately, we woke up to ‘no water’. Oh the happy lives of homeownership in the country. Garrett got to hang upside down in the pump house for awhile troubleshooting why our pump motor wasn’t working.  Eureka, between the two of us- Gar hanging upside down and me searching the internet for clues, it was determined that the contacts were dirty. Gar filed them down and viola, motor worked and we got water! It's not always that easy.  After that beginning to the day, we were finally able to work out in the yard preparing for our BIG Annual 4th of July Lobster Bake (1 week countdown!).

I was happy to see that one day of sun was all some of my flowers needed to ‘pop’.  Look at this beautiful Coreopsis- I’ve had Moonbeam Coreopsis for quite awhile, but this Coreopsis ‘Pot of Gold’ had only been in the garden for one year and I love it already, especially its bright color and raggedy edges.

Coreposis Pot of Gold

And, the dainty, Crown Vetch (Coronilla varia)

If you have vetch, you must already know that there is no fighting it. It’s a spreader. You have to put it the right place and let it do its thing.  We didn’t plant this ourselves, it was here when we bought the house. Though I’ve added it to many gardens since then, so I have moved it all around to new homes on the ‘back 40’.
I just learned that this pretty plant is actually a member of the pea family.  You may see it on the side of highways, etc as it is often used to fight erosion on hillsides and roadsides because it has a branching, creeping root system.  Don’t be afraid though, look at how pretty it is! If we get more sun this week (which is looking good), my lilies, the vetch, and even my bee balm will be in full bloom for the 4th! It will be quite a floral fireworks display.

Lucan, supervised our work all day and stands
guard over it while I take a dip in the pool. Obviously,
I was a little more focused on getting in
aforementioned pool, than getting a great shot.
We were ready to put our feet up at the end of our day of yard work, but first I had to take a dip in the pool. It was HUMID.  Then, the sunset didn’t disappoint. My brother didn’t dub our place ‘Sunset Meadows’ for nothing you know.  It was a perfect end to the weekend.

Happy Monday. Here’s to the start of a great week.


  1. I'd say blogger was having issues today. No idea why the post is turning to green font halfway through. I've tried previewing a changing things a gazillion times to no avail. It's not formatted that way. Computer gremlins. Sorry....

  2. OOO, I must have played the right game! Got it to format correctly.

  3. Beautiful blog,

    I am your newest follower, thank you for inviting me to join you:))

    Have a nice week!

  4. Hiya,
    I'm Ellie from the A Little of This and a Little of That blog and a new follower. Love the blog, very well written. I can't wait to come back and read more. Please stop by my blog ( and follow back. Have a wonderful week!

  5. What a lovely blog! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi there, Pamela!
    Thanks much for inviting me to your blog. Great! Very nicely composed. Love Lucan - he's great. Thanks much for sharing.... and consider me a follower.


  7. Thanks Ellie, Andrea and Sofia- I appreciate you all stopping by! As far as lucan, he is currently snoring on his corner of the couch behind me!

  8. Love those pretty flowers! Thanks for stopping by. You're welcome to follow along.

  9. Hi Pam! Thanks for stopping by my blog this afternoon. I'm happy to host this giveaway for you! Hopefully it will attract many new people to people to your shop and to your new blog.

    By the way... nectarines? You have nectarines growing in your yard? Even if you don't have very many this year... that is still wonderful! *wishes for a nectarine tree*

  10. Yes, Tarissa, we have nectarine's. it's part of what we have dubbed the 'cocciardi orchard' in honor of my gramps. only 8 little nectarines this year, only the trees 2nd full year. so that's a bummer. and haven't seen a pear or apple on the other trees. could have been the harsh winter. guess we'll have to take what we can get!

  11. Hi to Emily too! Likewise,thanks for stopping by here as well. Love the sketch of you in paris! LOVE.


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