Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Live and Learn

As as a new blogger, there are many lessons to be learned.  I’ve been searching for tips on blogging and was happy to find my favorite post so far.  All thanks to Ree, The Pioneer Woman, who some may know as one of ‘the most successful’ bloggers and whose blog is visited by gazillions of people.

That said, what I like most about the post is that it is straight and to the point. No fuss, no muss. Not a lot of ‘business like’ advice, but it was rather like getting advice from a friend…….a friend who’s been there. 

I will take it to heart. Thank you Sister-Of-The-Blog (kind of like my Etsy friend/client Susie in Oklahoma City is my Sister of the Rock, but I’ll save that story for another time). For now, thanks Ree, much ‘ppreciated.

I learned more than that yesterday about blogging. I learned that if I format the font on my blog in white, that is the way it is sent and seen in email. The emails of this blog have a white background, which isn’t really conducive to showing off white text.  Yup. It became invisible to the naked eye. What a bummer, but at least the pictures still looked nice. Today’s post will be formatted in gray so I think we should be all set on that front, for those who are receiving post via email.  Chalk that one up to Post # 3.

Yesterday was sunny and warm here on the New Hampshire seacoast. Can I get a halleluiah? Seriously, it was a pretty wicked winter complete with lots, and I mean LOTS, of snow and a cold season that seems to have only ended in recent weeks. It was easy to relish the wonderfulness of Monday's weather, unless of course you were the G-man who worked outside in it all day. He was toast. Knew he would be. So prepared something simple for dinner…..antipasti. A little bit of this, a little bit of that- starting with the most perfectly ripe cantaloupe.  Did you know if you pick a cantaloupe at the store, sniff the dimple end where the vine came off of and if it smells like cantaloupe, it’s ripe! Well, that little trick worked perfectly at the grocery store yesterday. Plus, who cares if other shoppers think you're weird. It's worth the ripe melon you'll get.

Can you say mmmmm good?

I don’t know about you, but I do know that we absolutely love cantaloupe wrapped in prosciutto. DiVINE.  Never had it? Do yourself a favor, get to your grocer, sniff out some fresh cantaloupe, have the deli guy slice some prosciutto nice and thin (and don’t order a pound unless you’re feeding an army, a little goes a long way), wrap prosciutto around cantaloupe slices and viola………..heaven.

I know. You want some, right?

In addition to the aforementioned ‘must try canteloupe’ I also made a nice biggo salad bowl of antipasti that included: freshly sliced zucchini, romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, pickled onions (thanks Pearl!), slices of capicola (Italian hot ham), some marinated mushrooms and some red potatoes that I roasted with olive oil and sea salt. It was also going to use some Pastene Garden Salad but when I opened the new jar, it opened much too easily and there was no pop. So I nixed that portion of the antipasti and will be returning that jar to the grocery store. But it would have been nice. Maybe next time. 

Wicked bummer.
Regardless, we were quite happy with the salad.  Obviously, you can tell that there was too much for two people, so thumbs up on lunch today.

Hello heaven.

Lessons Learned:
Take Ree’s advice
Smell vine end of cantaloupe to check for ripeness
Don’t use food that opens too easily with no pop
Antipasti rocks on hot summer days
And definitely don’t format text in white

It’s another sunny day today, the laundry is on the line and there is another ready to go out. Will have to get them dried early and thankfully there is a breeze, as we may get some spot showers later. That's it from our corner of the world.
Have a great Tuesday-

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