Friday, June 24, 2011

Does anyone else miss Domino Magazine the way I do?

I used to wait for it to arrive in the mail, read it cover to cover, ogle at the pictures, drool over the designs, dream about how I could make a design work in my own home………the list goes on. I still have them all, which will have to suffice I suppose, since Domino suffered a quick death in 2009 when Conde Nast shut it down, along with other longtime favorites like Gourmet.  Apparently, Domino now appears- incognito to say the least- under the Brides online masthead, but I think the publishers would be smart to start……well, publishing it again.

I mean, just look at this built in bench!! ***Design Love***

As an ode to the now defunct Domino magazine, I’ll take a cue from one of their regular features 10 Things That Make Me Happy.

I now present to you on this first Friday of our blog....
5 Things That Make Me Smile:

Our lounge could nearly count for a few of the things that make me smile, including: a great spot to play dominoes; flokati rug;- LOVE;  the beautiful painting we bought from a wonderful artist, Nicola, in Piazza Navona and had one of my high school teacher (Rob Devantery in Newfields, NH) frame, a chaise that actually fit the way we needed it too;  my $1 bargain dishtowels that rest on the back of each couch cushion and served as the inspiration for the room. I warned you this picture alone could
have been the entire 5 Things That Make Me Smile post!

New York City's Grand Central Station (officially Grand Central Terminal).
Simply magnificent and awe inspiring.

Warning: Gratuitous Stanley Cup Post!! Michael Ryder, holding the Stanley Cup above
his head and my Boston Bruins going all the way when nobody
thought they could or would (except me).
Sorry Vancouver-ites. It was a great series.
That bunch of guys REALLY know how to make me smile!

Our new living room curtains........ah, burlap.....full of texture,
earthy good looks, and yes, VERY inexpensive. 
Beyond that, I didn't even sew these. Just cut,
strung some lovely ribbon through them and hung them up.
This was partly out of necessity as my sewing machine
was killed in a basement flood last spring.

Have a great weekend all. We are sure to.......we celebrate our 23rd anniversary tomorrow, and we get to do it in fantastic style, as we are attending the 50th Anniversary celebration of a couple of wonderful people - The Harrolds!


  1. Hi! I'm glad to be here, and to be a follower of your new blog. (yay, I'm #10!) Looks like you're off to a great start already! I'll be stopping by again soon...

  2. Hey Tarissa.........thanks for stopping by! I appreciate the kind words.

  3. Congratulations on your anniversary! Hope you had a wonderful celebration.

    I so enjoyed your "things that make me happy" post. Isn't is amazing how something as simple as a new pair of curtains can bring such joy!

    Really enjoying your blog. I'll be visiting often!

  4. Thanks for stopping by Meredith....and yes, it is mostly the little things that make me happy! love those burlap curtains, and I have to say they also provide a good bit of privacy when pulled.

  5. 23rd anniversary and still celebrating?? CONGRATULATIONS! (you certainly don't look old enough to have been married that long!)

    I didn't get Domino but my daughter did, and I Ioved reading it! I recently moved in (well, 7 years ago), with a bachelor of 51 years so I'm a bit hesitant to do a complete transformation of his house - slowly but surely!
    Your lounge looks so comfy and cozy!

  6. Wow Sharon, you get the gold star for the 'don't look old enough' comment. I will admit, the picture of the two of us is a few years ago and we were only at 20 years then.

    Slowly but surely and he might not even notice it's happening.

  7. I miss blueprint. Martha for young people in small apartments. best magazine ever for about 6 issues :(

  8. Laura, I remember Martha advertising blueprint, but no sure I ever saw one of the 'few' issues. I really think the magazine publishers are missing out. The decor magazines that are still being published are generally a much more 'classic' style, to put it nicely. And there are a lot of us out here that want to step out of the box a bit and don't have million dollar budgets! Still waiting for them to bring domino back. sift through my stack of oldies whenever i need a little inspiration.


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