Thursday, May 15, 2014

CREATE: challenge no. 1

Get Busy Creating

The idea for a creative challenge on the muse came from a few different places. First, my post of yesterday alluded to the fact that I was in a mode playing with watercolors and I was leaving myself room to experiment, pretty much without editing. I’ve simply given myself the room to create.  Then Mary Lynn commented on the post and said that the timing was serendipitous as she was taking an art course taking an online class called Artist Strength Training with Jane Dunneowold, and this week’s topic has been ‘no rules’. 

This coincidence of sorts got me to thinking. 

What if we were challenged to create simply for the sake of creating? And what if we encouraged others to do the same? Could a small ripple of creating start to form? Could it eventually become a wave?

 I decided I wanted to fin out.

What better way to start the this new CREATE challenge series than with no rules? 

Imagine what could be created? 

Are you on board yet?

So, as I said and as you can see, this initial challenge has no rules.  All you have to do is create something in whatever medium you’d like: ink, fabric, film, digital, paint, wood, paper, recyclables, ribbon, canvas, clay, flowers, plants, yarn, food – it’s your call.

If you want to participate, but don’t want to share what you created. That’s cool.  Think of this as your own personal challenge.

If you want to participate, and do want to share what you created, you can email me (pbates ‘at’ speakeasyinfo dot net) a photo of your creation, along with any links you’d like me to include in the results post on May 29th (i.e. your website, your shop, your blog, etc.).  

AND if you have a blog, I think it would be Awesome Dawson if your blog joined in the fun. Feel free to use the images above in a post to challenge your own readers to create. If you’d link back to this original post so your readers can see what this is all about, that’d be wicked nice and a ton of fun.  . If you do blog about this challenge, send me a link to your challenge no.1 post and I’ll include it on a list of blogs that are participating and share on the muse.  I hope you’ll plan on doing a results post too, that can be included on the a list in my results post, so we can see how far the ripple spread. If you are planning on a results post on May 29th, let me know so I can include a link to your blog in my results post. Got all that?

Let’s CREATE a bigger wave together. Can I get a holla back on that? How about an amen?

If you want your CREATE challenge masterpiece to be included in the results post, send me photos of your creation (pbates ‘at’ speakeasyinfo dot net) by end of day (12am est), Tuesday, May 27th.   CREATE Challenge no. 1 results to be posted on Thursday, May 29th..

I’m psyched to see what CREATE challenge no. 1 prompts you all to make.  

I know you guys are going to rock this.

Remember, no rules. 

Now, have at it!

Make it a great day today. It’s a great day to have.

Ciao for now,


  1. I like the "no rules" bit :)
    So, does this challenge have a deadline? I'll be leaving for my Mom's in a few days, but I might give this a try when I get back!

    1. Hi Duni, only if you want to have a pic of your 'creation' included in the results post on the 29th. I'd need pics by end of day the 27th. have fun at Mom's!

  2. I will definitely participate, and I'll share it on my blog this to put on my thinking cap!

  3. looks like a fun idea! I would love to participate!

    1. Awesome! Jump in artbug! and if you want me to include your project in the results post, just email me a pic by end of day on 27th!

  4. Count me in. Why don't you do a link up??

    1. I may just do that, you not-only-talented, but very smart woman. ;) at least for those of us with blogs!


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