Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What Inspires You Wednesday: Variety In The Studio

The Mix of My Clients & Their Designs

There are some designers and marketers that focus on just one industry, like automobile, computer, or high tech. It's their specialty.

My specialty on the other hand has always been working with small business. What this means is that, although I do have a specialty so to speak, within that specialty is a huge variety of business types. Just to give you an idea, I have worked with companies that run the gamut from construction, banking, limousine, retail, campgrounds, restaurants, and yes, even a funeral home. 

This ensures that my work, on a day to day basis, doesn't have a chance to get boring.

Some of my recent clients have included a fiber artist, a photography and web developer, a yarn dyer, a wine consultant, a online skin-care outlet, a dog walker....the list goes on.

One of my clients is Mary Lynn of Prairie Grace Designs, who is rug-hooking artist who wanted to reach a 'less crafty' market and more 'art and design' influenced market. She wanted her logo design to encompass a feeling that was welcoming, warm, nature inspired and flowery that perhaps incorporated queen anne's lace or cone flower to represent the prairies that are her muse.

This is one of the initial design that I proposed to her, and the one that Mary Lynn chose to move forward with for her logo through revision rounds.

This is where Mary Lynn's revisions brought a logo she felt could really represent what her and her art are all about.

I introduced you to my client Steph Skardal through the moodboard I created for her project.

Steph was looking for something fun, happy, welcoming, and colorful that could work well for her website which encompasses her photography, web development work and sewing.  During the process of fine tuning the direction for her logo design and branding collateral, Steph decided that the classic pinwheel could be an element that would express her nature as well as how she wanted her business to be represented.

Here's one of the initial designs I proposed to Steph.

We went through a round of minor revisions, where the size of the triangles within the pinwheel triangles were made bigger, and this is where we ended up.

I'm currently in the process of tweaking Steph's collateral design (business cards, letterhead, etc.)

Mary Lynn and Steph: Completely different businesses, people, and aesthetics- and that's just two of my clients. 

It truly is inspiring to work such a variety of people and businesses on a daily basis. I'm intent on getting to the nitty gritty of my client's design likes and dislikes, what benefits their business provides to the customer, who their target market is, so that together we can create a design that really speaks to them. It keeps my mind working, my creativity flowing in different directions, stretches me to meet each client's personal needs while creating a design that will help them grow their businesses.

Damn if I don't love that and feel pretty inspired by it each day I spend in my studio.  If you would like to be one of the people who inspire my days in the studio, and want to work with my on a custom logo and branding design, you'll find me here.

Today's studio inspiration includes collateral revisions for the aforementioned Steph, the same for my client Lisa, as well as logo revisions for a children's seamstress/boutique, new logo design for a spiritual/wellness spa and gift shop, an arborist and an European art buyer/dealer.  See what I mean about the variety? Oh yes, there is a lot happening in the studio..................

What's inspiring you today? Is it something work related, or more about your downtime? Or something completely different altogether? Do tell.

Make it an awesome day and I'll see you round these parts tomorrow.

Ciao for now,


  1. love the are one talented lady!

  2. Must be so exciting to see a logo come to life! And I am curious about the dog walker logo, I don't know why, but I guess that one must have been super fun!

    1. The dog walker has been fun, especially since I'm a dog lover. We're in the middle of revisions. When we get where we are going, I'm sure I'll be sharing.

  3. Love what you did for Steph, the pinwheel is awesome. The design work you did for me is soooo right for the direction I want to go, I love I need the "HooHah" to put myself out there!


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