Friday, April 11, 2014

FREE Friday: The Best Of Lists..........So Much To Be Grateful For

Write It Down

To top of yesterday's post, about 5 Quick Tips For Dealing With What Life Throws At You, I have one more to add. It's one of my favorites. Something we should do more often and a great way to start each day.  Honestly and truly. Each day.

As we near the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings, there are many interviews with the survivors and I find them utterly amazing and inspirational.  Instead of looking getting sucked up into the vortex of all that's gone wrong with their lives, they choose to look at what's gone right. In spite of everything, they find they are grateful for so much- both large and small, and that's part of what has gotten them through.  I watched Heather Abbot (who lost on of her legs from the knee down) this morning in an interview and she expressed how grateful she was for the support of the city, and the country, and from people worldwide. That there were some days when she didn't even want to get up off of the couch, but she was lucky that people - even famous people like Beyonce- who had reached out to her and according to Heather 'how do you say no to Beyonce?'. She was grateful for the strength that every one's support gave her to face the challenges of the last year.

Pretty amazing outlook, yes?

So, how do you incorporate that kind of gratefulness into your own life?

It's really not that hard. Write a list of 5 things you are grateful for at the start of each day. They can be big (I am grateful that I have a roof over my head), or small (I am grateful that I was able to enjoy a cuppa tea this morning on my back stoop), because you'll find it doesn't matter. You'll find that the simple act of recognizing how much you have to be grateful for changes your outlook on things.

I challenge you to start this ritual. To help you along, I designed this Free Printable Grateful List.  It prints 4 to an 8.5 x 11 page and there is enough room at the top should you want to punch holes in it and string a few together to make a pad.

Look at that, a blank slate each and every day.

This free printable grateful list makes it easy for you to take a moment and reflect on all that is right with your life.

You can download it here.

My 5 today?

Easy peasy.

1. It's Friday. I love Friday's. It's usually a busy day, but somehow it is a day to wrap things up, tie up lose ends and generally speaking it has a slower feel even if I'm busy. All hail Fridays!

2. The company of two office dogs today. We're taking care of our neighbors pooch and there's nothing like a little puppy love to make your day better.

3. G. My other half. I'm so glad I've got him.

4. The weather is fairly springlike at the moment. Though the sun isn't shining brightly, the warmth is quite welcome.

5. So many people around the world who take the time to be here. Thanks you guys!

BIG  Bonus..........

6. People and fellow Boston Survivors like Heather Abbott, Celeste, and Jeff Bauman who somehow find the strength to face huge life challenges head on and head held high.

What about you? What's your 5?

Freeform Friday

Well, I'm quite sure I've shared this before, but I think it's rather appropriate for today's post because each day is a blessing and it is a beautiful day. And honestly, it just makes me feel good. Thanks Ziggy.  Click here if you're reading via email.

No big plans on the horizon for the weekend, other than hopefully getting in a campfire out back at some point. Tonight isn't look great because there is some rain heading our way. Perhaps a game or Yahtzee or scrabble.....a drive to get some fresh work at my cleaning. That reminds me, I have a load of laundry I need to hang out on the line.

Away I go.

Make it a great day and 'keep your head up high'.

Ciao for now,


  1. I did a gratitude journal for awhile and it was a great exercise! Sadly I did not have a pretty printable to go along with it. I'm grateful for beautiful weather and an afternoon off! I really shouldn't be inside on the computer, but I figure if I 'work' today I can play... slash... do FUN work this weekend!

    1. well now you do....time to start a new grateful journal perhaps. I know what you mean, i try to get what i can done at the computer but inevitably I still spend too much time in front of it on the weekends. just not 'officially'. i need a weekend away from it too! have a great weekend Allison

  2. 1. Trouble. 2. His Dad. 3. The opportunity to do a big house clean/purge. 4. Change 5. Good friends near and far.
    It's a good meditation. I think I need to do this.

    1. love #3- the 'opportunity' to do a house that's the way to look at things!

  3. I will definitely print these, oh and I love the trinkets that are in the picture! My list: 1. sun's shining 2. I just went flowershopping for someone's birthday, and seeing all those pretty flowers made me smile 3. going out for mexican food tonight 4. not needing to do anything on sunday 5. having the giggles loads of times with friends yesterday

    1. the giggles are the BEST! I bet flower shopping is looking amazing there right now with so much to choose from. love mexican food. enjoy your down day tomorrow.

  4. This post made me teary. So inspiring, darling and I am totally printing it out today! My list for today: my wonderful husband who makes the best morning coffee ever, the sunshine, the amazing friends we have, the incredible people all around us and the fresh flowers on my desk this morning. Have a great Tuesday morning, lovely and talk to you soon. xoxo

    1. They are running specials on our local stations all day today on the one year anniversary. The survivors are truly amazing group of people, especially in consideration how they all became that 'group'. They are very special. Love your gratefuls. I knew I should have gotten those fresh flowers at the store yesterday! Next time for sure................ have a great day Diana


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