Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas & Festival of Trees

Perfect Repost

Last year at that time, I asked for entries for a little blogland festival of trees. I thought it would be a nice post to repeat this year on Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas to all of you.  I'm taking a few down days away from the desk. Sometimes it's necessary to step away from the keyboard, so I'm going to do my best on that front and just enjoy the holidays.  I hope you all enjoy yours as well.

And now...........festival of trees (is yours in there?).

No Power

Hi Guys. So sorry to have missed posting Festival of Trees on Friday. It got quite windy here and we lost power.  Sometimes the best laid plans.............well, they go a little astray.

First things first. There is a WINNER for the Mercantile Muse Giveaway. If you're name is Salina Martin, your entry (#3595) was randomly chosen by Rafflecopter!!! Congratulations. I'll be sending you an email. All you have to do is confirm how you are following Mercantile Muse and reply to my email with your mailing info, which in turn I'll share with my sponsors and you'll have lots of goodies coming your way. Woohooo!!!! How's that for a big Christmas present?

Onto the Innaugural Festival of Trees. I know there were some of you who wanted to participate, but the busy holidays made it difficult. I idea came to me late, so next year I promise to start gathering your tree pictures a little earlier.

Despite my tardiness in launching the festival of trees idea, I think the entries are quite charming.


{our great nephew....grand nephew Cayden...whichever is right....was so excited about decorating Grammie's tree, he didn't have time to put his pants on! Remember that feeling?}

Busy day today finishing up all I have to do before we head to my sister Gloria's house for Christmas Eve with the whole family.

Tomorrow we'll spend a good amount of time on the phone and skype with our Dublin family. Of course, not until we toast the birthday boy and open our presents and stockings from Santa.  Christmas is all about the comfort of home and the people we hold dear.

I do hope you have a lovely Christmas. I'll see you on the flip side.


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  1. What a fun festival! I love tree-watching and how differently they can be decorated. We always hung chocolates in the tree when I was little. By the time Christmas arrived, all of the chocolates were already gone :-)


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