Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas: Wrap It Up!

Phew! What A Whirlwind!

Is it me or was that one quick run up to Christmas and fast forward through all the hoopla? I'm talking fast-like-the-speed-of-light.

We had a great holiday.  We were off to sister Glo and bil Jack's for Christmas Eve, which is nice because there is way more room there to hold all of us than there was on my parent's porch and in their living room (that used to be the Christmas Eve venue). We are not a small crew and we come with a truckload of presents.

There were lots of laughs, lots of great food and drinks (can you say St. Elderberry liqueur?) and even a big surprise.

Niece Cait gave 'grammy and grampy' a present to open.

Uh oh, what does it say?

Yup. Cait and her husband Jon are expecting! Yay! Bring on the baby!

Now, although, Sister Gloria (left in red) is the grandmother to be, it was Sister Di that would not, could not stop crying. She was a blubbering fool. Right Di?

What a nice present Cait!

Of course, I think there were hours of unwrapping on Christmas Eve and then we had to do it all over Christmas morning, because that Santa is one heck of a guy.

We started with our Annual Christmas photo in front of the tree.

We took our time this year getting to the presents.

Eventually though, we had at it.

I scored these awesome new wellies. I'd worn my old lobster wellies right out. They were toast.
Kind of like the crockpot that Santa was also nice enough to replace! My old one was ancient. You know, since we were married 'ancient'.

I always love new books for the nightstand. If anyone has read The Book Thief, keep it to yourselves. I haven't even started it yet!

Here I am styling my new Bruins Fleece jacket from fellow Bruins Fan sister Gloria, and holding the photo of New York harbor I took when we were down in September.  I printed and framed it for the Gman, who was a little emotional when he opened it.  It's where he spent his first Christmas in the States. We miss NYC.

Everyone loved their sharpie paint pen projects that I gave - personalized mugs and decorated plates. I kept a couple of rejects that didn't make the cut.

This morning, one more gift arrived for Gar and my parents (yes Mom and Dad, one more little gift): a printed issue of the muse.

OK, so I looked at it before G, but I couldn't wait!  So cool seeing it all in print.

It's received 170,000+ impressions in just eleven days. Oh yeah,  170,000.  And what makes me even happier is close to 1,000 people have taken the time to 'read' the muse. Really read it. 1,000 people!!! Not bad for less than two weeks time and over the holidays no less.  If you haven't had a chance to take a look at the first issue of the muse yet, perhaps now is the time?  And, if you like it, I would be honored and thankful if you shared it.  Many thanks to those who already have! Know how important you are in helping me make the muse a success!

Beyond all the presents and celebrating, we've spent some time with the neighborhoodlums who we will be hanging with tomorrow night to ring in the New Year.  I had a movie/couch surfing day with the dog which was heaven.  Baked shortbread and cookies and a ham. Generally speaking, for the most part though, there has been a lot of chilling out going on.

What about you? I hope your Christmas and holidays were as good as ours have been so far.

Ciao for now,


  1. cool about your magazine! going to read it now, and I love your tree....jam packed perfect. :-)

    1. Thanks Debbi!!! hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family.

  2. Ham with ham jam in front of the T.. Yum. And the welly's look great. THE MUSE looks LOVELY in print.

    1. Random iPhon. Comment btw. My Phone eats words.

    2. LOL! gotta love a christmas ham.....well, if you're not a vegetarian anyways. you should see it in print--very cool. gar said looking at it tonight........i really love that photo of the tea trees ;)

  3. I love your new wellies, tres chic! And I know you can't judge a book by it's cover, but I bet the book with the dog on it, is a good one!

  4. Well, that sounds like totally perfect Christmas! The wellies are really cool and so is the magazine! Congratulations!


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