Friday, December 6, 2013

FREE Friday

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The world is a lesser place today with the passing of Mr. Mandela. A lesser place for having lost a man who despite all of the hate and discrimination exacted on him, was able to retain his dignity. Not only that, but who possessed a deep belief that peace must first come from within before outward change can happen.

I am utterly inspired by the stories and remembrances of Mr. Mandela, who incredibly held his hand out to those who held him captive for so very long, in order to initiate the change he and the world wanted to see for his country.  An amazing accomplishment in itself, but pale in comparison to the fact that he not only was successful in leading the change, but as President of his country no less.  Quite frankly, it's awe inspiring.

I remember where I was at the moment he was released, at my best friend Tina's apartment. I watched in joy as this peaceful man was finally been released back to his country and welcomed home by the entire world.

The world may indeed be a lesser place momentarily for having lost him, but it is a far better place for having had him here.

God speed Mr. Mandela. God speed.

A fitting free printable for all of you today.

Download let there peace on earth free printable here.

Freeform Friday

His imprisonment an affront to the those everywhere, many songs where written about Mr. Mandela. Here is just one. Click here if you're reading via email.

There's something about that song, that although it is about Mr. Mandela's lack of freedom, feels rejoiceful to me.

That leads me to this time of year when we rejoice in all that is important to us and is often take for granted.  This weekend we will be spending time with the bookclub/champagne ladies and their other halves.  The men will have to suffer through the karaoke-fest, a small price to pay for the feast of delicious food that will be spread before them. We are likely to spend some time with the neighbors this evening, close to home and perhaps with the fire roaring (inside).  I'd like to get our tree cut this weekend, but it may not get decorated until this coming week.  Most of the tree farms around here are only open on the weekends, so if we can pick ours, haul it home, get it in the stand and ready for some sparkle, I'll be glad for that.

Those are our big plans. What about you? Any holiday merriment this weekend for you? Or are you spending a cozy weekend at home?

Ciao for now,

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  1. Aw, well said, Pamela. The world is a much better place for having had him here. I hope there are generations and generations of people inspired by his selflessness and humanity!

    1. Thanks Melissa. We're so lucky to have people like Nelson Mandela who impact the world in a truly positive way.


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