Saturday, August 24, 2013

Take A Walk With Us

That Was A Good One

Lucan, my 14 year old walking partner, can't go as far as he used to. Today, though, we pushed it a bit. We had a great field walk.

Through the Sunset Meadows field to the top of the hill. Down the side of the hill and around to the point and all the way back. Then down Spring Creek Lane and back up.

This was his longest walk in a while.

He's resting (read zonked out) now.

Here's our take for today.

I've been finding feathers every day for a couple of weeks now. Many turkey feathers.

There's a Momma and her baby that keep going back and forth from the woods behind us, through our yard, over to the field and back again. I'm not sure why they're alone or where the rest of the Winncutt Road Gang of turkeys went.

It was a beautiful night out at the campfire last night. The neighborhoodlums wandered over and we started celebrating Gerry's birthday early. Deep starry night. Couldn't have been nicer.

Today, more of the same. I'm heading out to the yard to do some work and then I'll be pool bound.

I know, you never would have guessed.

Enjoy the day.

Ciao for now,


  1. Pam, what is the cluster of fruit in the 4th photo?

    1. karen, my neighbor down the street, who studied at horticulture or something close at UNH calls it a 'wild olive'. apparently invasive. not surprised, there is a field at the end of our road in N.Hampton that is loaded with them. It' s a very large bush. We used to have one in between us and our neighbor but it got struck by lightning.

  2. We've just started doing fire pit campfires in the yard, in an attempt to finally free ourselves of the wood from the October storm. It's so nice to sit out and night and watch the stars appear.

    1. It is SO nice. Bet you'll be out there all the time now.

  3. Such lovely finds!

    xo Michelle

  4. Gorgeous colors in those photos. Get in all your pool time now, soon it will be all done!

    1. Well, I have to say.....I milk the pool for as long as I possibly can. I'm not a cold water whimp. I just take the nestea plunge when I get in. I've been in in Oct before.


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