Monday, June 10, 2013

Take A Walk With Us

Around The Bates Estate
The weekend was busy. Well, busy enough. In a good way. The week ahead looks to be more of the same.  There was a lovely glow as the sun went down last night. This morning the sky was pink to the East, and the sun is still out for now. There is rain heading our way, which we could do without since we got a good bit the other day. In fact a really good bit. The sump pump is still running.  Better than not running if you needs to be, know what I mean?
But before the next rain..........a stroll. Take a break and come along.


If you have a second, check out this lovely feature on Bates Mercantile Co. over on Eyelah. And while you're there, wish her happy birthday! Happy Birthday Aylah!!!

Happy Monday. Make it a great day in your corner of the world and I'll do the same in mine.

Ciao for now,

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  1. Wow, what an amazing collection of photos! So many pretty flowers in every shape and color. Thanks for sharing,
    Everyday Inspired


You comments make my day. Thanks for taking the time to visit Mercantile Muse and for commenting. I really appreciate it. ~Pam

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