Sunday, June 9, 2013

For The Birds

Blue Birds and Orioles, Oh My
I snapped some shots of the blue birds and orioles at my sister in law's last week.  She goes the extra mile for the blue birds and gives them mealy worms.
The orioles were all about the treats too.
They like her pine tree too.
Here's the Mrs.
And the oriole again.
I don't have to lure blue birds with mealy worms because we always seem to be fighting grubs in the lawn and they love them. They love 'em so much they didn't even care that it was raining.
They needed a break to talk things over.
What's happening in your world today? Ours? Some painting more than likely and yard work.
Beyond that, you will find me here:
I'm going to take my tea outside and finish my book before I get stuck into something else.
Enjoy the day.
Ciao for now,


  1. beautiful pictures. I'm always amazed by the different colors birds come in.

    1. aren't they something? one in every shade in the crayola box!

  2. I'm sitting on my back deck right now watching my hummingbirds, and chickens, and ducks. lol. nothing better then nature to lift your spirit.

    1. i totally agree.

      we put out a hummingbird feeder this year (got it for Valentine's Day), not one has been interested. in fact, haven't seen our hummingibrds yet. but i have faith. as soon as the bee balm blooms they'll be here.

  3. I love watching birds, I wish I had birds as beautiful as those in my yard! Great photos.
    Everyday Inspired


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