Thursday, June 6, 2013

Take A Walk With Us: In The Garden

Out The Back Door

The sun is shining for now. There is supposed to be some rain coming in for the next couple of days.

A walk around the flower gardens seemed in order.

Come along, won't you?

The blue birds have been busy eating grubs. Go bluebirds! I know you see one, but can you find the second bluebird?

If I had to pick a favorite today, it would have to be that big beautiful lush peony.  Did you know that ants love peonies? Apparently, they love the waxy sweetness of the buds and don't harm the blooms. Live and let live.

Have a great day in your corner of the world and I'll do the same in mine.

Ciao for now,
PS- if you heard me screaming all the way from here, it's only because were in the midst of the Stanley Cup Playoff hockey and my Bruins are rockin' it. Though last night was a nail biter against the Burgh. We won in double overtime. It was way past bedtime. Sorry to the Pittsburghians out there.


  1. I see the second Bluebird!!!! Don't you love peonies?! My favorite flower for sure and notice that people are posting a lot closed peony buds and there is always an ant on them....I planted peonies two years ago and absolutely nothing....oh well...Have an amazing weekend lady! Xo, Ashley

    1. Sneaky bird.......didn't even see Mrs. BB until I uploaded to the computer. Oh the smell of peonies. I'll be clipping that one for a vase before the rains come in!


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