Friday, May 3, 2013

What's Been Happening & Freeform Friday

Showers Are For The Birds
At least the reconstruction of showers is for the birds. The shower reconstruction we've been amidst has been quite trying to say the least. Now we are experience enough to know that we should expect the worst when undertaking any home renovation. That said, this one has been a real doozy.  Fought us hard every step of the way. Has been an exercise in patience and stress management.  Gman has been a trooper.
In case you missed it, this all started because our shower, which was a built in that's been here since bought the place, began to leak. Yup. It leaked, right out of the bathroom and out under my kitchen and living room floor. Nice, huh? 
So, first it was deconstruction only to reveal mold behind the shower. AH! Then a couple days of jack hammering to get rid of the concrete base.  Of course, nothing would go easy and nothing would go back in easy.  Being on a concrete slab makes plumbing very challenging. Thank goodness Garrett has not given up and now I have a nice shiny white brand spankin' new shower.
Can I get a halleluliah? He even installed pretty beadboard for me on the ceiling and the above the shower walls. There is still more to do, like finish of the nook to the side which will house shelves for towels. Have to make use of every inch of space in this house. Then he's got to finish off one wall of sheetrock that had to be replaced, put the trim up and repaint the whole darn thing. I mean, a happy new shower wouldn't be the same without a happy new paint job for the bathroom. Then we'll be styling and will moving onto floor replacement. But we won't go there yet.
The weather has been so wonderfully Spring like this week. The dog has been enjoying a lot of time outside. Of course, like any good mutt, he wants to go out and will then ask to come in a few minutes later only to ask to go out again.  Good thing he's cute when he's doing the asking.
The birds have been flitting all about. Mr. Nuthatch was nice enough to turn himself right side up just for a brief second.
Have I told you my favorite flower is on its way? The lilacs are coming!
The lilacs are coming!

The temp is supposed to cool off for the weekend. If the wind holds off today, maybe we'll get a campfire in tonight. That sure would make me happy. We'll be watching the Bruins tomorrow night in their second play off game, so no campfires tomorrow night unless we get one in before the game.  Those are our big plans, other than more progress on the bathroom. What about you?

Sunset Meadows

When I took this one I didn't think I'd really captured it. When I uploaded it to my computer I saw that I was wrong. The clouds almost look like mountains.

We had a few good ones this week including this one.

I'd love to watch it from the campfire tonight if all goes well.

Freeform Friday

This one is for my husband for all his hard work on the bathroom. He's in love with Diana Krall and not secretly I might add. Am I jealous? No. Not in the least. I have my list too. You know, the "If They Come Knocking At  The Door, I Don't Care If I'm Married, I'm Letting 'Em In" list.  So, here's Ms. Krall and Mr. Bennett, who I simply adore. Seriously smoooooooooth. Click here if you're reading via email.

I hope you have a great Friday and get to kick back or do something fun this weekend.

Ciao for now,


  1. Beautiful sunset photos!! Hooray for the new shower.

    1. hooray for the new shower is right! so loving the brand spanking new bright white shower. the other shower was tiled and it was kind of dark. we have the BEST sunsets here at sunset meadows. so very lucky.


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