Friday, May 10, 2013

Take A Walk With Us & Freeform Friday

To The Field & Back
We woke to a foggy morning. It's been that way the last few days. I took a walk over to the field where much  was covered with dew from the heavy air and the fog still lingered. 

How crazy is the orange thing on the cedar? I finally searched for an answer as to what it is. Cedar Apple Rust to be exact. A fungi that, luckily, isn't particularly harmful.  Just weird.

Then back to the yard.

Things are starting to pop in my secret corner garden. I haven't even gotten in to rake yet. I'm so behind.

I have no idea what the tree is. We got from a job site G was working on years ago. It looks very similar to apple blossoms but there's no fruit.

Lo and behold, look what the rain has gone and done.......

............hurried my lilacs along.  Glorious.

Sunset Meadows

As I said, we've had fog this week and not just at the beginning of the day. It's also rolled in at the end of the day. It was just starting to creep when I got this picture of Sunset Meadows.

Freeform Friday
Going a little old school today. The high sweet sound of Mr. Hall harmonizing with Mr. Oates. Call me's a good thing.  Click here if you're reading by email.

Just because I feel like it, today's Freeform Friday is a twofer.
Different decade, but old school just the same. An 80s classic from The Jam. Bonus points for you if you know the lead singer's name. Click here if you're reading by email.

Any plans for the weekend? We get to finally have a campfire since we got some rain. It will be an early one tonight because our Bruins play Toronto tonight and we could end the series tonight with a win. If that happens, you might here me screaming from here.

Shower/bath reconstruction is progressing, though we're not quite ready for paint yet. Some sheetrock mudding and sanding to do (probably my least favorite thing about construction projects because it makes a bloody mess) before we paint.  Being the hopeful gal I am though, I picked up some paint chips so I can at least hone in on the right hue.

Other than that, we'll be visiting Mom at some point on Sunday. Happy Mother's Day weekend to all of you moms and grandmothers. Hope you all have a great day.

Ciao for now,



  1. Pam, your photography skills are truly amazing.
    Nice to see the warm weather. Busy weekend on tap, Mother's Day lunch (just had it) with # 1 son, visit and mini golf tomorrow with stepson and grandson, visit and wedding details with # 2 daughter in Mass. on Sunday morning, then visit here with Mom, brother, #2 son, daughter in law, and grandson! And some yard and garden, and etsy shop, work sprinkled in here and there! Phew!

    1. Holy Moly girl, you're gonna be wiped out! that is one busy weekend but full of fun and time with people you love. one week countdown for the wedding! you must be getting excited.

      honestly kathy, thanks for the kind words. if i ever need a self esteem boost I know where to find you.

  2. You live in such a beautiful place!! :) What pretty pics.

    1. Hi Angela, we sure do. I always say, they should have had 'beautiful sunsets' on the listing sheet of our house when we bought it. So lucky to have the field/woods right across the street and that the town conserved the land a couple of years ago. hope all is well on your end.

  3. BEAUTIFUL photos. And I'm old school enough to really appreciate Hall & Oates.

    1. me a my hair that needs to be dyed desparately, thank you for that. ;)

  4. those photos are amazing...that orange fungi is really kind of creepy cool. lol. what program do you use to edit your photos?


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