Tuesday, May 14, 2013

In The Garden

Trees Bloom
We've been working out in one of my flower gardens. It's kind of a secret garden in the corner, that sometimes people who have been here a gazillion times don't even know it's there. I'm not sure why that is.  When we moved here, it was chock full of junky fill like chunks of pavement and concrete. I'm not sure why that was either. 
We made two big burms in the back that go right up to the stone wall, a bed in the middle where the flowering tree is, and two beds in front. There's a little path that meanders through.
I call it wild thing. You can guess why.  Nah, never mind, I'll tell you. This is no 'manicured' garden.  Things can get a little gnarly in there, like at the moment it seems to be overrun with some crazy wild rose and another vine. Oh yeah, and weeds. And, the mutant black eyed Susan my friend Pearl gave me. Least I forget leaves.
The mystery tree that we planted in the middle of the garden is in full bloom. I'm happy to report it has an off shoot that is in full bloom too.

The lilacs are in full bloom too. Not so 10 minutes east at my parent's. Guess that cool coastal air has got them behind a bit.  I however, will be cutting enough bouquets to fill just about everyone of my vases and fill the house with that heavenly sent.

Now, back to the mystery tree. That's it on the right. On the left is my flowering crab apple. There's been lots of guesses on our facebook page as to what exactly the tree on the right is. Some think it too is a flowering crab apple.  Unless it's a completely different variety, I'm still shaking my head in wonder.  Leaves are a different color, flowers a different color, and it also blooms at a different time with mystery tree blooming first.

Anybody else got a guess?  It's flowers are light pink that turn the palest pink and white when opened. It doesn't fruit per se, but does get a small little berry come fall. It's a hard little berry.

Wish I knew more but it was a tree that Gman got from a job site where it was going to be thrown away. So we have no info other than, it sure is pretty and it's still going strong.

Sunset Meadows

The other night the clouds turned a pretty soft pink.

Last night the sky glowed.

While we were out in the garden this morning, before the day kicked into full gear, lo and behold, neighborhoodlum Tom came over in the tractor with a bucket load of wood for the campfire. You gotta love genrous neighbors with tractors.

The temp is a bit chilly here today, but the sun is out so we'll take it.

My college roommate is in Pennsylvania and itwas snowing there yesterday. We sure don't need any of that.

What's happening in your corner of the world? Do you have a garden that you've been spending time in? Are you planting a container garden? Or do you skip the green thumb test altogether?

Have a great Tuesday.

Ciao for now,


  1. You take some beautiful pictures! I was out in my garden today, too. It had been getting too cold overnight to put the tomato plants in the ground, so I finally did that today. The roots were starting to grow out the bottoms of their biodegradable containers, so it was definitely time!

  2. love the pictures...send a picture of the mystery tree to birds and blooms.
    it's one of my favorite magazines, and they have an expert on almost everything. lol


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