Sunday, January 13, 2013

Take A Walk With Us

In The Thick of It

The recent varying temperatures brought in fog this weekend.  It started rolling in Friday night and it hasn't left since. It's thick. So thick, from the house we could barely see the barn across the street and a lot of the field was obscured.

We were off for a walk, Gar with the hound and me with my camera. The only problem is this. It's hard to shoot in the fog. There's not enough light {if I only knew how to adjust my light meter properly.....someday} and there's not enough contrast. 

The thickness of this fog made it even more difficult.  That doesn't mean we didn't enjoy the jaunt.

In the morning, there was a wee bit of sky.

Later, as we headed over to the field, nothing. It was pea soup.

 Couldn't see the field. 

Couldn't see the barn.

At least not until we were on top of them.

One Tree Hill.

Blue fog.

The warm temps have melted most of our snow.

My husband showing off his new wool hat, though I really didn't think he needed it. I could have been wrong. Though it was pretty warm for this time of year, by the time we got back, my hands were frozen.

A man and his dog.

When we got back, I baked some Toll House Cookies.

mmmmm. mmmmm. mmmmm. mmmmmm. mmmmmm.

More on that tomorrow.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Ciao for now,

PS- Did anyone else watch the San Francisco/Denver game last night? Now, I am a Patriots fan, but I've always loved the 49ers too. Holy makerel............did you get a load of Kaepernick? Where the hell did this guy come from? Nearly 200 yards rushing and two touch downs and he's the QUARTERBACK. Hell yeah.  My new favorite football player. Nerves of steel. It was a good game.  Today's agenda includes the Pats at 4:30.  We're gonna cook up some steak. BBQ style. Sorry, couldn't resist.We're playing the Texans.


  1. First off, I am still mourning the broncos defeat. Ugliest game EVER. Still a loyal fan though. Guess we will just have to wait till next year. And second, that pic with Gar and the pup is SO cute!

    1. i didn't mean to rub it in your face. plus, wasn't it denver/ravens, san fran/green bay? good lord. only takes a night before i screw things up. it's the 47 year old brain.

  2. I was up in NH Saturday & Sunday and the fog was insane! I kept seeing people getting pulled over, and I was wondering if the fog had something to do with that.


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