Saturday, January 12, 2013

A One, And A Two

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday

Now I'll have Elton John stuck in my head the rest of the day. I can think of worse things.

Last night we enjoyed our Christmas Eve Eve with our friends the Harringtons. We began our married life in a studio apartment above their garage. We had some good laughs last night retelling old stories.  The neighborhood they live in is like some universal 'how weird can it get' vortex that is filled up with stuff you can't make up.  It's a black hole of crazy-a** sh*t of the highest denomination. We're never short handed on stories to reminisce and have a good laugh about.  

What? You want me to illustrate the Mary Batchelder Road Vortex Black Hole theory?

Our next door neighbor's name was Helmut. Oh yes it was.  Well, Helmut, and his entire family used sit in his Cadillac, which he'd conveniently parked in the middle of the back yard. Just sit there. For quite a while. With the car running. For no apparent reason. This was a 'normal' occurrence for them. We never did figure out exactly what they were doing.  Were they enjoying the air conditioning? Were they listening to music? Were they pretending that they were the next Clark Griswald and family heading out on Vacation? Personally, I don't think there would ever be an explanation that was you and I would call reasonable.  Helmut and his family are long gone, but the 'weirdness' continues with each new round of neighbors. 

Back to the Harringtons. Luckily they have survived the Vortex Black Hole so we can still celebrate Christmas Eve Eve.  We started celebrating Christmas Eve Eve when we lived above their garage.  It's tradition. A couple of years ago, we decided to put it off until January, after all the hustle and bustle of the holidays was done. This way, we all get one more night of Santa glory, where we spoil each other silly and enjoy ever single second of it. Last night was no exception. 

I'm happy to report they loved their custom camp picture I made for them.  I framed it in a great old vintage frame my Mom had given to me. It went perfect.

The only sad thing about having had Christmas Eve Eve last night is, now Christmas is really over. No more gifts from Santa.  It had to happen sometime, I guess.

The dog loves Christmas Eve Eve too because he gets to see 'Auntie Terese and Uncle Thomas', who both shower him with lots of love. In fact, so much love that, being his 13 year old self, it poops him right out. Out for the count.

He was 'you'd think I'd run a marathon' pooped out.

Then again, it may have had nothing to do with all that love, it's kind of just his usual m.o.

Point in fact. Take two. This morning's photo session.

Only difference, last night he claimed a corner of the couch and a pillow and this morning the futon was all his, along with his new penguin pal.

Ah, it is a dog's life after all.

This little guy was a wee bit more active than the dog. Do you have these guys where you are? We call them Pumpkin Bugs. Like a lady bug, except orange. They really come out in the Fall, and then sometimes they make their way into the house to 'hibernate' and hang around all Winter. They're harmless.  I even had one one in my hair when I got to our neighbors on New Year's Eve.  This one was making his way around the window in the lounge this morning.

 He was very this the way to Amarillo?

On the kitchen windowsill, something completely different. A geranium, reaching for some Winter light. Check out the whiskers.

And now, the veins.

I have to a do a quick pick up after Christmas Eve Eve. Then maybe some more organizing or designing at my desk and probably a game later with the Gman.  What about you? Any big Saturday plans? Or are you just taking it easy?

If you're in the party mood and haven't checked out the Gotta Have It/Gotta Blog It Link Party, stop on by. Peruse the shop and blogs who are taking part and if you have a shop or blog, by all means--link up.

Enjoy the weekend.

Ciao for now,


  1. Great story about Helmut and his family. That is so funny!

    1. Seriously. You couldn't make the stories up about that neighborhood if you tried. We have an endless arsenal.

  2. It really is a Furbaby's life ... Dolce, Gabbana and Stella are happy to have their home back ... free of Christmas decor and the activity (children loving them too much) the holidays bring. Wishing you a fabulous week-end..HHL

    1. oh you should have seen lucan the day our niece and nephew arrived from Dublin last fall........the dog look shell shocked from all the love!

      enjoy yours as well Celia


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