Friday, August 24, 2012

Drum Roll Please.............

Someone's Day Just Got Better

I know how badly some of you wanted to win this giveaway, and I don't blame you.  My sponsors helped make it not-to-be-missed.

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If you are Beth Gal, I'll assume you're pretty happy right now, because you my dear ARE THE WINNER!

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I'd like to thank each one for their participation and support of Mercantile Muse. It means the world to me.

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Our Dublin family goes home tonight, before the next wave arrives next Wednesday. We've had a great week with them and topped it off last night. My parents came over for dinner, along with my sister Di and my niece Maddie.  My Irish nieces and Maddies have known each other a long time now and are 'across the pond' pals, so they were all happy to get to see each other. 

After we got some pics of Sunset Meadows.......

Maddie, Carolina and Ali

Mom, Ali, Maddie, Carolina and Di

.....we started the Friday night dance ritual a day early.  The girls were teaching us the 'Saturday Night Dance'. Even Gar gave it a whirl.

Lucan wasn't sure what to make of it.

We convinced the girls to give us a step dance like they used to. Obviously my camera was on the wrong setting. Sorry about that. But you get the idea.

My parent's were thoroughly entertained. Again, wrong camera setting. I hate that.

Then Gar gave Ali a whirl around the living room, to which Ali announced..."Gar actually knows how to dance."

Then my Father gave me a whirl around the living room with a little Lyndy lesson to some Glenn Miller. Too bad I'm a rotten follower. However, I'm a wicked leader. We all joined in a parade around the house to When the Saints Go Marchin' In while my parent's got another good laugh. We even did the Hokey Pokey, the Macararena, The Time Warp and sang a song or two, just to make the night complete.

There were a lot of laughs. A good way to end a visit. 

Bon Voyage Bates Of Clonsilla. Until we see you again.

Sunset Meadows

It sure was pretty last night. A big Summer sun going down.

Freefrom Friday

Go on, you know you want to. It's just a jump to the left...and then a step to the rrriiiiiiggggghhhhhtttt.  Click here if you're reading by email.

Get and give it a try. It's Friday! It's silly. It will make you laugh at yourself. Don't forget to bend your knees inside.

Ciao for now,


  1. hahaha, I can just picture all this in my mind. did you do the chicken dance too?

    1. that is the ONE dance we didn't do! Dang. Put that on the list for next time. Not sure if they do that in Ireland. OK, I Lied, were about to do electric slide but we got sidetracked. so now we have two to start us off at the next gathering.

  2. Nooooooooo! I lost again?? LOL! Yay to Beth! That is a super awesome haul.

    The Time Warp is the BEST! Good pick for Friday! Have a great weekend!!

    1. I know, I and traci had your fingers crossed the whole time.

      Oh yes, we are quite fond of the Time Warp. Of course, my parent's thought we were a bunch of nuts singing and dancing along.

  3. Replies
    1. We did have a good time! Anything for fun, right?

  4. Omg I am so sad I didn't win! You should probably do this again so I can win:)

    1. Sorry :( I will most definitely be doing this again so you are sure to have another chance!

  5. Hi Pamela,
    I tried replying to your email a couple times, but I keep getting a return email that say it couldn't be delivered. Is there another email I could send my reply to? Thanks!
    And thanks to the sponsors of this giveaway!!!
    -Beth Gal

    1. So glad we connected. Not sure why it wasn't being delivered as I was getting other mail that day. Funny internet. So happy for you Beth!


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