Thursday, August 23, 2012

Celebrate Summertime

SummerTime is PartyTime

No matter what the commercials want me to think, and no matter what etsy merchandising wants me to think, no matter what back-to-schoolers want me to think, I'm hear to tell you that Summer is not over. (Of course, this is only relevant if you live in this hemisphere.) I am not giving up on Summer. It's here for another month people and I intend to eek every last ounce out if it because I love it and because I know what's coming.  [Talk about eeking out Summer, there is still a little time left (only 13 hours!) to enter the August Giveaway for $150 of handmade. Yup $150! So if you haven't taken a moment to do so, there is no time like the present.]

In honor of the beloved season of fireflies and starry nights (I know it will be hard to believe for those of you new to the Muse), it's time to do one of my favorite things.....PARTY!  Let's celebrate summer and all the places we go to explore and enjoy it.

This is the the kind of party where indepedent artists and shop owners, bloggers and crafters alike, can celebrate their stuff.  It's the kind of party where other guests have a look-see at everything people brought to share and let it take you where it may. It's the kind of party where guests have a chance to mingle, get to know a little bit about each other and leave friends.  Are you game?

Step up to the buffet for a bite to eat, in honor of mine and Gar's Summer vacation, the fixin's for a NY chopped salad.

Think of this as you wander around the's one of my shots from NY. 

Oh I almost forgot. DO NOT MISS the cocktails! It would be downright silly of you to leave without having Summertime In A Glass. Whoever came up with this idea is my new favorite person.

Most of all, enjoy what's left of Summer.


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Time to get our party on (if you're reading by email click here it will bring you to the party). 
If you're not linking up, won't you have a look around at all the wonderful things left behind? I don't think you'll be disappointed about sticking around this party.


Did you get a chance to travel this summer? Where'd you go? If you didn't get away, where are you dreaming of going?

As always, thanks so much for stopping by the party. I love it when we get together this way.
Here's wishing you more fireflies and starry nights,


  1. *gasp!* Those adult popsicle drink cocktail things are genius. Pure genius! Thanks for another awesome party! :)

    1. katie, can you even stand them? as soon as i try them i will report back. i'm sure it will be a positive review. i mean champagne is involved after all.

  2. Always happy to join a good party....and these cocktails are awesome!!!
    Pam - you are always such a great hostess :) thx a lot !!!

    1. Thanks glad you could make it. oh yes, those champagne popsicles are a hit!

  3. I'm just here for the food and drinks!!! Just kidding, I LOVE these things!

  4. As far as travel goes, Pam -- not much this summer. But my sis is treating us all to a trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal in October...can't wait!!

    1. oh my, how FUN!!! love harry. that will be a hoot and half. what a nice sis!

  5. I LOVE the popsicles in the champagne! What a fun idea. Nice find!! Only got away for four days this summer. But our big Hawaii trip is less than three weeks away. Talk about snoopy dance!

    1. I am just so excited to have found that picture. you could even do non-alcoholic sparkler with it and it's still cute as a button. it's a party in a glass.

      i know you've been on the countdown to hawaii and i'm so glad it's neary here for you. it's on our 'to do list'. just looks so beautiful.

  6. I will come back in a while to check the beautiful sites. Thanks Pamela! Have a great weekend!

    1. HI Reshma, it was a good weekend. Another good one to come with bil, sil and niece and godson arriving today. Lots of great stuff to check out at the party as usual.

  7. Replies
    1. honestly, i think we'll be trying these this weekend. YUM.

  8. Replies
    1. you're not late if there's still drinks and food and the door is still open. lovely necklace.


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