Friday, May 25, 2012

Simply Remember

The Memorial Weekend Plan

My plan on Memorial Day is always to simply remember.  I think it's extrememly important to remember those who have given their lives for the freedoms we enjoy. Think of that. They've given their lives.

As this weekend begins, let's pay respect to those we have lost through all wars, those who served beside them, and our servicemen and women who serve today. As I see so many people still being oppressed around the world, I think it is fitting to make time, not only to remember those lost, but to enjoy our hardfought freedoms. Otherwise it would all be for naught.

Say thank you to the veterans in your life and those you meet who you may not know.

Here's to those in mine.

Here's my Mom with my Dad and my Uncle Norm a few years ago. My Dad was lucky. His engineering skills kept him on US soil during the Korean War, my Uncle Norm, not so much. He served during WWII and survived Guadal Canal and the Pacific campagin. He witnessed horrific things.  His wife Auntie Auggie, who we lost a few years ago, served as a nurse in WWII.

Then there's Uncle George, behind Col. Lessard (who we just call The Col), in the jeep.

If I remember right, I think Uncle George may have done one tour in Korea and two tours in Vietnam. Wish I could say he made it home in one piece, but he didn't. He survived a horrible injury, but you'd never know it today. He leads the gun salute at the cemetery every Memorial Day.

Then there's my favorite Navy man. My godfather Boski, who I really miss.

Here's to all of you servicemen and women. I will never forget the sacrifice of those who didn't come home or those who were willing to serve their country.

Our Memorial Day plans are to do some stuff around the yard. I have work to get done first, but I sure would like to dig in the dirt in the next few days. I'd love to plant some of our vegetables and my window boxes. Beyond that, I'll attend the parade and services in my hometown on Monday, and then back to Di and Al's for a BBQ. Later that day, we'll pop over to our neighbors for another BBQ. There is always something going on in the hood. If the weather holds out tonight, burgers on the grill and a campfire out back are on the agenda, which sounds like the perfect way to enjoy our freedoms. 

What are your plans for this Memorial Day weekend and unofficial start to summer? What's happening in your corner of the world? 



  1. We all definitely need to show our gratitude, too many people forget why we celebrate this weekend, like you said, people have given their lives protecting us, we should be grateful everyday!
    We will be having a bbq this weekend and hopefully I can sneak in a couple yard sales hehe! I wish you a lovely weekend! xo ~Ashley

  2. I have several service men (and women) in our family tree. And grandchildren now carrying on the tradition of military service. I find it sad that being proud of our country and military seems to be politically incorrect now. I've noticed at parades that very few people stand up and cover their hearts whenever our flag goes by, I remember my mother ALWAYS doing that.


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