Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's a Wrap

Presents Open, Cake Eaten. Check.

We were off to sister Di's last night to celebrate my Mom's birthday.  It turned out to be a nice night so I was sure to take a walk around Di's gardens which are starting to pop.

The Rhodies are in full bloom.

Cayden, my great nephew, and Sophia, my great niece walked through the garden with me a little while. Then the slide called.

Then the fairies called.

And more flowers, like this iris. Amazingly beautiful.

Pretty green hosta.

Then back to the party. Sohpia giving Great Grammy her card that she made.

More merriment.

And of course, cake!

Don't forget the surpise guest...............Hampton's newly 'crowned' (a much deserved honor for our friend) Citizen of the Year Desi Lanio, proprietor of The 401 Tavern. 

All and all, a fun night celebrating life!

What hot for you today? I've got meeting prep, meeting, back to the desk to do work for several know, the usual juggling.  Hope you're got some more creative endeavors up your sleeve.

Ciao for now,


  1. Your flower compositions are really unique and lovely.

    1. isn't that iris something else? just gorgeous! we jokingly call my sister's gardens 'fuller gardens', which is private garden of a wealthy family in the area, that they opened to the public. her garden always looks beautiful.

  2. the flowers are beautiful, but the family is even more so...

    1. you're sweet. it's nice that we close, proximity wise, to at least half of our family. the atlantic seems to be what's keeping us a part from the irish half. damn ocean.

  3. Wow! Your shot of the Iris is beautiful! Sounds like a fun time :)

    1. i love all the details in flowers. and in a close up like that, you get to see things you wouldn't normally notice. nature is amazing.


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