Saturday, April 21, 2012

Trail Mix- Take a Walk With Us

Why Did It Take So Long?

I knew there was a trail starting just around the block. I don't know why it took us so long (years) to investigate and discover this wonderful series of trails only 10 minute walk from the house. Now I'm in heaven.

We've walked the trails 3 days in a row, starting at the challenging end not everyone knows about which starts with a steep walk up to the top of the hill.  There is a development going in, so there is a paved road. Unfortunately they have cut down a lot of trees for the houses to go in, too many in my book. That said, there is a pretty view at the top now that you probably couldn't see before.

Lucan has been pretty happy about this discovery too.

This end of the trail starts out flat at the top of the hill and steeply winds its way down through the woods.

There are lots of twist and turns and ups and downs. It's a good workout this trail. It makes you use lots of different muscles.  We've only passed a couple of mountain bikers so far and their dogs. Oh, and then yesterday this pretty german shepard girl found Lucan in the woods and I thought she looked familiar and then we heard ..."Garrett and Pam, is that you?". It was one of neighbors from the little lane across the street from our house.

This made me laugh. Out in the middle of the woods and we still run into someone we know.

She says she walks the trails most everday with Cleo, but always drives to the park up the road and starts at the opposite end from us. She didn't know you could walk down our street a bit and begin at the other end. It made her happy to know she didn't have to drive to walk on the trails anymore.

I'll have to try and get some better shots that really show how steep the trail is in sections. This spot is actually so steep it winds down the side of the hill in tight Ss. 

Lucan has been doing pretty good considering he is 13.  He's a panting fool by the end, but once we get home he recovers pretty quickly. Now that he knows he might meet his new galpal Cleo again, I'm sure he'll be raring to go. Wish I'd gotten a picture of our neighbor Mira, and Cleo and Lucan romping through the woods, but I was too busy swatting black flies who were swarming us when we stopped to talk. Luckily they didn't bother us otherwise.

The nice thing is that the trail is really a series of trails and when you hook up with the right one it dumps you back to the neighborhood. Gar loves it, I love it and the dog loves it.

This is a horrible picture, but in my own defense I am out walking in the woods, not dressed up for a cocktail party.

To top things off,  once you get back to the neighboorhood, one of the neighbors has chickens and sells eggs. I brought my bag with me the other day and went home with 2 dozen free range fresh neighborhood eggs. This also makes me very happy.

Then it's just a short walk back to the house, so we don't need to mind for cars nearly as much as we used to on our 'pavement' walks.

One last shot. Yesterday, the neighborhood goat was out. He looking straight at me saying 'You lookin' at me? 'Cause if you're looking at me....'

Gar's off to the pharmacy. When he gets back, we're hitting the trail so we get a little time for us first. Then we'll come back and tackle the weekend to-do list.

Hope all is well in your corner of the world.

PS- fellow bloggers, what do you think of the new blogger set up? So far A-OK. Seems easy enough to use.


  1. that looks wonderful. we live in the country, but there are no hiking trails. You are blessed.

    1. so happy we've finally found these wonderful trails. have walked them everyday since finding!

  2. Replies
    1. today lucan and i didn't run across one other person. peaceful.

  3. What a wonderful find! There is a maintained trail that it close to my house too, but to get to it I have to walk a bit on a windy road that the cars travel a bit too fast for my liking. And there's not much room for people, dogs, or bikes, on the side either! So we usually take the car. I'd love to find a different route to this trail!
    We're still staying close to home while Molly recovers from surgery.
    Happy weekend!

    1. that's the thing, if we walk around the neighborhood sometimes there are just too many cars. that's why we do the field a lot.

      hope molly is feeling better. will probably be a challenging recouperation but at least she's got you to nurse her. poor mol.

  4. So fun! I LOVE hiking. Don't get to as often as I would like though:(

    1. this really is a challenging trail....came in from where we usually end today. and it was still challenging because your' working back up the the hill from the other end. lots more trails off the main stuff to discover.

  5. How lucky you are to have that area right in your neighborhood. We have a walking trail we get to from our neighborhood. It follows the little river that runs through town, but it's mostly open flood plain on the other side. Not very scenic really but occasionally we do see a heron and there are almost always ducks or geese.

    1. the P.E.A. trails I walk are along the river and that's nice. these aren't as flat as the trail though, which is a good thing for me right now. need to get back in shape. always love seeing herons and ducks. don't have to go to far as they hang at the fire pond at my next door neighbors.

  6. Oh! I love the bit about the fresh eggs :)

  7. Hi Pam,

    you live in a beautiful area! I bet Lucan will want to investigate those trails every day :)
    I posted your gorgeous black/white treasury on my blog today!


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