Monday, April 23, 2012

Inspired Design: Geometry and A MegaGiveaway

The One Math I Didn't Hate

Yup. You guessed it. Though the signs weren't obvious, you figured out that I am not a big fan of math. However, thanks to my high school math teacher Mr. Bennet, who allowed me to take Geometry though I had not scored high enough in his algebra class, I found out I was good at some math. Pretty darn good in fact.  I'm sure I've mentioned some of this before, but here it goes see, to enter Geometry in my high school you were supposed to average at least a C in algebra as a prerequisite. Unfortunately, though I stayed for extra help just about every day, and though my engineer father tried to tutor me, my head couldn't wrap itself around algebra. Luckily though, thanks to my begging and my teacher's ability to ignore the signs and give me a chance, me and Mr. Bennet found out that I rocked geometry. High Bs and As rocked. Not bad for a girl who passed algebra by the skin of her teeth. I think it was something about being able to 'prove' things instead of just accept that x+y=z.

Though I haven't had to do any geometric equations or proofs since high school, I do still have an appreciation for geometry, especially in design.

1. via Bark Decor
3. one of my own geometry inspired designs, 'Boomerang' via Bates Mercantile Co.
5. via the montgomery
7.via junglai
8. via dproject
9. via bold folds

It makes me happy to see a resurgence in geometric patterns and shapes, since they are a constant on my inspiration board and in my idea file. I'm guess I'm glad I'm not alone.

MegaGiveaway on Diary of A Mod Housewife
Last week, I was contacted by one of my favorite etsy photographers (which is saying a lot because there are a lot of fantastic photographers on etsy), Elle Moss, who wondered if I'd like to take part in a Mother's Day giveaway on her blog Diary of a Mod Housewife (don't you love that blog title?).  She also had some very lovely things to say about my work. Caution: Aside..........Have you ever had that happen? You find out that someone whose work you admire, admires yours? Very cool. Well anyways, back to the giveaway....did I want to participate? H to the e to the double l yes.  So this totally awesome bombastic giveaway includes my Grow Love print!

When I tell you that you must check out Elle's giveaway, what I really mean is drop everything, get over to elle's because you will not believe the fabulous stuff she's collected for this Mother's Day Mega Giveaway.

Here's a preview.

          via elle moss                    via mandy bryant photography              via sparkles macaron

I want it all. 'Nuf said. Now, remember, that is just a sample. Wait 'til you see the rest.

Plus, it's wicked easy to enter. So, what the heck are you waiting for? Annie Lennox has said it before, but I'll say it again, 'Would I lie to you?' 

While you're there, tell Elle I sent you.

Enjoy your day,


  1. Hi Pam - awesome post..and guess what - I have an almost exact same story about algebra and geometry. I barely skimmed through teacher, Mr. Chen, would just shake his head when he'd see me! My redemption came later when a college class in Algebra seemed to click and my teacher said I should tutor. What he didn't know was that I spent HOURS on the homework, since i got it, I was going to get a decent grade in math, for once! :) I laughed long and hard at the tutoring idea...! I am slammed this week...but have to check out that giveaway. You told me to and I know you don't lie :)

    1. LOL bonnie. I am not surprised we have similar stories.

      Want to tutor me? crack me up.

  2. I love geometry in design but I definitely don't pretend I'm good at math or ever plan to be! Haha. It was such a struggle in high school and my first two years of college were spent trying to catch it up. Luckily, English majors have no such technical requirements!

    Heading over to Elle's blog; I recently started following her!


    1. 'such a struggle in high school'......i really can relate.

      Glad you found Elle!

  3. LIke you, I took algebra 2 years in a row, and flunked both years...but I loved geometry! And I love the items you picked to share with us. Now I'm on my way to the give-away!!!

    1. Well, the algebra issue seems to be a running issue here debbi. wonder if it's a female thing....that we like to be able to 'prove' things, even in in math!

  4. Love the geometric but was terrible in geometry! I actually did well in Algebra. Thanks for sharing about the giveaway. It's fabulous! Hope I win!!

    1. isn't that giveaway really something? such fabulous stuff!

  5. Your post inspired me today! I gave you a shout out.
    Have a happy day!


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