Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Take A Walk With Us

Field Greens

Evidence of Spring really sprouted this week in the field. Even from Sunday to yesterday, I think the grass doubled in height in one day.  Everything is greening up (even though it's still pretty brisk this morning).  I really love taking a walk in the field at the end of the day. It's an awesome stress reliever.  Sunday, I thought the dog and I might run into some deer because we headed over on the late side. No such luck. However, there was a gang of turkeys. (Did you know that a bunch of turkeys really is called a 'gang'? Now, I always called our neighbor hood turkeys a marauding gang because they are quite bossy, but I only just looked up the official name of a group of turkeys. Too funny.)  Back to the turkeys in the field, lucky for me I was able to distract Lucan until I down the hill a bit to a spot where he could barely see their heads. He still wanted to check them out, but not enough to drag me across the field.

Yesterday Gar headed over with us. It was turning into a very nice evening (before temps dropped again). The sun was shining, the sky was blue and the field was green.

By the way, Lonesome Dove is so named because on a sad note, its mate was killed by a hawk in our yard a few years back. Literally, right outside our kitchen window. It was awful. That said, Lonesome Dove is still flying solo so-to-speak, though LD is part of the group of doves that hangs in our hood. There have been a few suitors, but Lonesome Dove apparently likes the single life and hasn't wanted any part of them.

Check It Out

Are you an online shop owner? Have you added some new product to your shop? Then you should stop on over to Kat's blog, Lifesjewelonastring and check out her Stock Take and link up.

If you love vintage things and repurposing them, stop over the Angie's place - KnickofTimeInteriors, and link up (no shop links, this is more about projects). There are lots of great stuff to check out.

I also received a nice email from Saul Tarasoff who is a contributor to wiki's new project MyCityAntiquing.org. The project's goal is to create a free and comprehensive directory of antique shops and market places for cities around the world.  Cool, right? There looking for people to add antique shops, so if you have favorites in your area, pop on over and contribute.

Sunset Meadows

I was able to get this shot right from my front door last night. Gotta love it!

(another broncos sunset for Traci!)

Here's hoping your Tuesday is full to the brim with good stuff. Mine is full for sure, and it will end with an evening with the Champagne Ladies. Let me just say the pictures in that post really do not do the food we enjoy at Champagne Ladies Bookclub any justice at all.  Let me also say that I am really looking forward to tonight. 

Ciao for now,


  1. We've had a lot of bird feathers show up around our place to. I love finding them. When I was little, I use to sharpen them at the end like a quill and would squeeze berries for ink - then my sister and I would play "old fashioned school." That's what I used to call it :D

  2. Gorgeous photography!The sunset is stunning!

  3. It is definitely spring -- the ducks in our nearby "pond" (it's really a water detention basin) are so cute. They'd paired up and I saw the first ducklings yesterday. Very funny to watch them waddling along in a line behind mom!

  4. GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!:) That is a GORGEOUS picture too! Poor little lonesome dove:(

  5. Pam that sunset photo from your front door is amazing!

  6. What lovely photos, that barn is my most favorite. I walk too, I find it is the most effective stress reliever for me. It also gives me time to figure things out while I walk, plus the added benefit of exercise... a total win-win. :)


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